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10 Good Questions to Ask Your Agent About Workers Comp

There are a lot of employers looking for lower workers comp rates or better coverage.  But most business owners are not insurance experts,  so they don't always know the best questions to ask their agent.  And unfortunately, insurance agents who don't specialize in workers comp coverage have a limited understanding of all of the factors that effect the overall cost of a workers comp coverage. 

Often times its buyer beware and employers end up with less-than-perfect coverage, or they pay way too much for a policy.  At Workers Compensation, we want to help.  We love working with business owners and we believe knowledge is power.  Whether you buy insurance coverage from us or you purchase coverage from another agent, here are 10 great workers compensation questions to ask any agent or broker.

Prepare for higher work comp rates.

Be smart about how you buy insurance coverage and save money.

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10 good things to ask about  your workers compensation quote

1. What are the state specific rules and regulations for coverage?
Workers compensation is different in every state.  Owner exclusions, minimum payroll, and other factors can affect your rates.  Ask about the laws in your state.
6. Can the amount of Employer's Liability be adjusted?
Employers liability coverage is part of every policy.  You may be able to increase or decrease the amount of coverage based on your needs and risk exposure.
2. How many employees are required by law before workers' compensation is required?
All states have different rules that trigger coverage requirements.  Also ask about owners, subcontractors, and other 1099 payments you've issued. 
7. Explain how each carrier handles employees in the event of a claim?
This is an important and often overlooked aspect of workers comp coverage.  Ask about each phase of the carriers care and recovery process.
3. Is there short-term coverage in other states?
If you ever do work out of your primary state, it's important to find out if you will have or can get other coverage in that state.  Most states allow injured employees to file a claim in the state they were injured.
8. Are there flexible payment options like real-time payroll reporting?
Premiums are typically paid on the front end of a policy based on estimated payroll.  Real-time reporting is based on actual payroll and lets you pay as you go.
4. How do safety programs impact rates?
Many insurance carriers will offer policy credits that reduce the cost of premium for employers who have a formal safety and/or drug testing program.  Ask your agent about all available credits.
9. What extra coverages, above the basic minimum, are offered at no extra cost?
Ask if the policy will pay for loss of earning, costs for bonds and appeal bonds, litigation costs, interest on judgments.  Coverage varies by insurance company.
5. Explain how past claims history impacts rates?
Your track record, or "experience modification" compares your business against other companies in your state and industry.  The process of credits varies by state, so be sure to ask.  Ask about premium discounts in your state too.
10. What is the reputation of the insurance carrier?
Are they A rated?  Are they financially secure and reputable?  How long in business?  Do they manage claims quickly?

Introducing a better workers comp insurance agency

Many marketing websites are actually stealth marketing companies that sell their leads to smaller insurance agents and brokers.  Those agents and brokers are then left to fend for themselves while they attempt to sell you an insurance policy.

At Workers Compensation, we're not a marketing company that sells leads.  We're a national insurance agency with our own staff of expert workers comp agents, employed by us.  Our Specialists will compare your rates with more than 30 insurance carriers to make sure we find your best deal.  We know our markets and we know our stuff.  When you shop with us, you get:

  • Expert knowledge and information about state rules and regulations that may help you get lower rates

  • Access to over 30 national and regional insurance companies throughout the United States

  • Real licensed agents, employed by our agency, ready to negotiate the best price with our carriers

  • A dedicated staff of workers compensation specialists who are always here to help service your policy

  • Training and more training: our in-house agents receive over 150 hours of work comp training each year

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