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Your fast, easy, and affordable workers compensation insurance agency with a ton of insurance companies and awesome service.

Workers Compensation Shop is a national commercial insurance agency.

Dedicated Workers' Compensation Agency in the Nation.

Since 2005, we've been helping business owners and licensed agents find more affordable workers compensation coverage. We've already helped over 35,000 employers purchase workers comp insurance and we're still counting. There is no premium size too big or too small. Find out how we can help your business get a fast and affordable policy today.

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Workers Compensation was founded in 2005 as a specialized division of The Insurance Shop. Our mission was to create a national online insurance agency focused on the unique issues related to workers compensation insurance. As a result of that focus, we aggregated a large and diverse portfolio of insurance companies. And we developed target programs and payment options such as Pay As You Go workers compensation. Today, we are a national leader in providing affordable workers compensation coverage throughout the country.

The Workers Compensation Market Problem

Workers comp coverage is one of the most important insurance products an employer can purchase because it protects business owners from employee claims that could potentially devastate a business.  Unfortunately, many agents do not have the adequate expertise in workers compensation rules and regulations. Nor do they have access to enough workers compensation companies to satisfy the diverse needs of most industries.

Most agents lack workers comp expertise and access to workers compensation markets for two reasons:


They are focused on too many lines of insurance and don't sell enough workers comp to be experts


Most carriers have minimum production requirements, so agencies can only afford to contract with a few companies.

Our Workers Compensation Market Solution

Our Workers Compensation Specialists are highly trained on all aspects of workers compensation coverage's.  Our staff undergoes internal training weekly and receive additional instruction from most of our insurance partners. We take every measure to ensure our customers get the latest information regarding classification codes, owner exclusions, state wage limits, policy endorsements, and everything else related to workers comp coverage.

Additionally, we are appointed to sell insurance with more insurance companies than most other agencies because we produce such a high volume of workers compensation premium on a national level.  Because we are able to satisfy the volume requirements of so many different insurance carriers, our customers enjoy the benefits of having their insurance thoroughly marketed for the very best rates, credits, and policy discounts.

So if you're looking for fast and affordable workers compensation insurance quotes from over 35 insurance companies, consider quoting coverage with us.  We guarantee you'll get great service and we promise to work harder to earn and keep your business...

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When I opened my business I really didn't know anything about workers comp insurance.  I found Workers Compensation online and decided to give them a try.

My agent was very knowledgeable and helped explain all the end and outs of coverage.  A day after I provided him my company information, he called me back with six separate quotes. Then he helped me choose the best coverage for my pub.

I saved almost $1,500 over the quote I got from my local agent.  I would definitely recommend Workers Compensation to other business owners looking to buy workers compensation.

Russ Fischer
Truman's Grill

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At Workers Compensation, our goal is to provide fast and affordable workmans comp quotes to virtually every type of business in the country. We're always expanding our markets and launching new programs to help employers get better rates and faster service.

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