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Find the latest news and information about Alabama workers compensation insurance.

Alabama currently boasts one of the lowest rates injury rates in the country. This trend has helped Alabama employers reduce the average cost of workers compensation insurance since 2010. Alabama business owners went from paying the 10th highest rates in the county to the 29th highest rates in 2016..

Alabama regulations for workers compensation insurance currently allow a maximum payment of $220 per week for up to 300 weeks for a permanent partial disability. Permanent total disabilities pay $755 per week for the length of the disability.

All employers with more than 4 employees must purchase workers compensation insurance in Alabama. Employer with 1 or more employee in a construction related industry are required to purchase coverage.

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Alabama Regulatory Authority

Alabama Department of Insurance
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AL Department of Insurance

Alabama State Fund and Assigned Risk

Alabama is an NCCI state. There is not a government ran state fund in Alabama; instead, Alabama's assigned risk plan is managed by NCCI. Employers who have been declined a quote from two or more private insurance companies may be placed in the assigned risk plan by an Agency affiliated with NCCI. State fund rates are generally more expensive in the state fund.

2016 NCCI recommends slight rate reduction in Alabama

The National Council on Compensation has recommended a slight rate reduction for workers compensation in Alabama. The Workers Compensation Division of the Alabama Department of Insurance are expected to approve a rate reduction later this year.

2014 Workers Comp Rates Continue to Decline

For the fourth year in a row many Alabama industries have seen a rate reduction for workers compensation coverage in Alabama.

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We're always working with our insurance carriers to develop specialized programs for a broad range of industry class codes. Our Target Programs are designed to streamline the underwriting process and help ensure we offer the lowest rates available anywhere.

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Contractors in Alabama

All contractors in Alabama may be liable for paying workers compensation premium for any sub-contactors they pay unless the sub-contractor can provide proof of their own coverage during an insurance audit.

A general contractor may, therefore, charge sub-contractors for workers compensation insurance. However, employers may not charge employees for workers comp.

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Alabama Workers Compensation Agents Workers Comp Treatment in Alabama

Alabama law allows the employer and insurance carrier to control and direct injured workers' medical treatment. This is good news for employers because it allows them to get unbiased information from medical professionals and to develop protocols for medical treatment for injured workers.

Workers Compensation is a national insurance agency specializing in workers compensation in Alabama and across the United States. We offer more workers comp quotes, faster service, and lower rates than many of our competitors. Give us a call today.

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