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Save money with target workers compensation programs for Colorado employers.

As of 2014 rates on workers' compensation insurance are 19% lower than the national average. Still many employers are not taking advantage of all the programs offered to lower the costs for work comp coverage. One very popular cost saving program is Pay As You Go workers comp coverage.

Business owners love how Pay as You Go Coverage allows them to pay their premiums throughout the year instead of estimating payroll upfront. At the beginning of the year many businesses owners cannot accurately estimate payroll. This causes lots of businesses to over or under pay their premiums, leading to an audit or to an unexpected cost at the end of the year. Pay as You Go is just one of the many programs we offer to help you get the most out of your work comp coverage.

Whether you are located along the front range, up in the mountains or in the desert southwest; we can help lower your rates on workers' comp coverage. At Workers Compensation, we shop Workers Compensation Insurance so you don't have to. Speak with an agent now by calling 888-611-7467 or request a free quote online.

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Target Programs for CO Workers CompensationWorkers Compensation Icon.

Restaurant workers compensation Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs Home health care workers compensation Home Health Care and Assisted Living

Programs for both fast food and fine dining restaurants. Includes taverns and bars with alcohol receipts over 50% of sales.

Programs include home health care, group homes, nursing facilities, residential care, and social service organizations.

Auto Industry Workman's Comp Auto Repair, Auto Sales, Auto Body Janitorial Workers Comp Janitorial and Environmental Services

Coverage options for auto service/repair shops, auto body shops, used care sales, and other automotive related insurance.

Includes both commercial janitorial services and residential cleaning companies.

Lawn Care Workers Compensation Lawn care and Landscaping Office Workman's Comp Office and Technology

Programs for residential and commercial mowing, facility maintenance, and landscaping services.

Programs for clerical, sales, technology classes, programmers, and IT services.

Workers Compensation for Retail Store Retail Stores, Wholesale, and Distributing Daycare Workers Comp Daycare and In-Home Care Facilities

Programs for retail and wholesale stores and distribution warehouses.

Insurance solutions for daycare centers, learning centers, and home-based child care.

Workers Compensation for Non-Profits Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations Workers Compensation for Salons and Spas Beauty Salons, Spas, and Massage Parlors

Coverage options for most non-profits including charitable organizations, YMCA's, and welfare services.

Programs for beauty salons including hair, nails, and massage services.

Workmans Comp for Contractors Artisan Contractors and Construction Workers Compensation for Business Professionals Professional Services- All Types

Program solutions for contractors including: material dealers, cabinet installers, carpentry, flat concrete, door/window installation, electricians, painters, sheet metal/HVAC, and plumbers.

Professional service programs includes attorneys, counseling, accounting, doctors offices, nursing, computer related services, consultants, and financial services.

Workmans Comp Insurance for Amazon Delivery Partners Amazon Delivery Service Partners

Find affordable workers compensation insurance for your Amazon delivery service partner business

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Workers Compensation Arrow Trucking- Long Haul/Short Haul Workers Compensation Arrow Wood Products Manufacturing
Workers Compensation Arrow Towing and Recovery Workers Compensation Arrow Tree Service and Trimming
Workers Compensation Arrow Roofing Insurance Workers Compensation Arrow Staffing Coverage

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Nearly all employers who employ one or more employees are required to carry Workers' Compensation Incurance.

Colorado Market

Rates in Colorado are good compared to the national average. As of 2014 rates are 19% lower than the national average. Rates are low because of lots of competition from many carriers within the stae and the partnership Colorado has with Pinnacol to fund the assigned risk. State that have a state fund or an assigned risk provider typically enjoy much lower rates on workers' compensation coverage than states with none.

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Workers comp state programs   Programs for standard businesses and tough class codes.

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In Colorado, Workers' Compensation Rates are some of the best in the country. We offer several cost-saving programs to help your business save even more.

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