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ND Workers Comp Programs

A lot of North Dakota employers need a policy for other states coverage.

North Dakota employers often need workers compensation coverage when they hire employees out-of-state and when they send employees to work in other states.

The state of North Dakota currently has reciprocal agreements for workers compensation with seven surrounding states. These agreements allows ND employees to work in these other states on a temporary basis without buying other-states coverage. The states include Montana, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Coverage is not automatic and employers must request approval from WSI before working in any of these states.

We offer national and multi-state workers compensation program in all 46 non-monopolistic states throughout the United States. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Restaurant workers compensation Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs Home health care workers compensation Home Health Care and Assisted Living

Programs for both fast food and fine dining restaurants. Includes taverns and bars with alcohol receipts over 50% of sales.

Programs include home health care, group homes, nursing facilities, residential care, and social service organizations.

Auto Industry Workman's Comp Auto Repair, Auto Sales, Auto Body Janitorial Workers Comp Janitorial and Environmental Services

Coverage options for auto service/repair shops, auto body shops, used care sales, and other automotive related insurance.

Includes both commercial janitorial services and residential cleaning companies.

Lawn Care Workers Compensation Lawn care and Landscaping Office Workman's Comp Office and Technology

Programs for residential and commercial mowing, facility maintenance, and landscaping services.

Programs for clerical, sales, technology classes, programmers, and IT services.

Workers Compensation for Retail Store Retail Stores, Wholesale, and Distributing Daycare Workers Comp Daycare and In-Home Care Facilities

Programs for retail and wholesale stores and distribution warehouses.

Insurance solutions for daycare centers, learning centers, and home-based child care.

Workers Compensation for Non-Profits Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations Workers Compensation for Salons and Spas Beauty Salons, Spas, and Massage Parlors

Coverage options for most non-profits including charitable organizations, YMCA's, and welfare services.

Programs for beauty salons including hair, nails, and massage services.

Workmans Comp for Contractors Artisan Contractors and Construction Workers Compensation for Business Professionals Professional Services- All Types

Program solutions for contractors including: material dealers, cabinet installers, carpentry, flat concrete, door/window installation, electricians, painters, sheet metal/HVAC, and plumbers.

Professional service programs includes attorneys, counseling, accounting, doctors offices, nursing, computer related services, consultants, and financial services.

Workmans Comp Insurance for Amazon Delivery Partners Amazon Delivery Service Partners

Find affordable workers compensation insurance for your Amazon delivery service partner business

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Workers Compensation Arrow Trucking- Long Haul/Short Haul Workers Compensation Arrow Wood Products Manufacturing
Workers Compensation Arrow Towing and Recovery Workers Compensation Arrow Tree Service and Trimming
Workers Compensation Arrow Roofing Insurance Workers Compensation Arrow Staffing Coverage

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Buying Workers Comp Insurance in North Dakota

Do I Need Comp in North Dakota

Workers compensation is required by law in North Dakota. All ND employers with one or more employee is required to purchase coverage exclusively from Workforce Safety and Insurance.

North Dakota Insurance

North Dakota exceptions for workers comp coverage include:

  1. Independent contractors who complete an Independent Contractor Verification Application via WSI
  2. Certain laborers related to farming, ranching, domestic workers, and religious worship
  3. Real estate brokers with written independent contractor agreements
  4. Children under 22 directly related to employer/owners
  5. Newspaper delivery when written independent contractor agreement
  6. Federal and railroad employees

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