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Find the latest news and information about Tennessee workers compensation insurance.

Tennessee utilizes the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) as the licensed rating bureau and statistical organization for the state. Currently, twenty-eight other states also utilize NCCI in the same manner.

Like most NCCI states, there are hundreds of insurance companies actively writing workers compensation insurance in Tennessee. This is good news for employers doing business in Tennessee.

Their is no State Fund in Tennessee. Instead the Assigned Risk Program is provided by the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Insurance Plan. All policies written are currently administered by AON, on behalf of the state. Employers who are unable to find coverage from a private carrier are eligible to purchase a policy from the Assigned Risk program.

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Employee Injuries Under Workers Comp in TN

Employee's should report any work-related injury to his/her supervisor within 30 days of the date of the injury or within 30 days of when a doctor first tells the employee that his/her injury is work-related so that the proper forms and paperwork can be completed. Reporting injuries earlier will help expedite the claim. If its an emergency, employees should be taken to the nearest ER prior to filing the claim.

Medical Professional Selection

Generally, the employer has the right to direct medical treatment within reason. A company representative is required to provide injured employees with the names of at least 3 nearby doctors who are willing to treat the employee under workers compensation insurance. The doctor chosen by the employee will become the authorized treating physician for the employee. Form C-42 should be completed and retained by the employer to officially validate the agreement, but allowing a doctor to treat injuries also serves the same purpose in TN.

Tennessee Ombudsman

Tennessee Ombudsman is a workers compensation program developed to assist employees, or other related parties involved in a workers' compensation claim when they are not represented by a lawyer. An Ombudsman helps all parties involved better navigate the workers compensation claims process and legal system.

An Ombudsman can be requested by contacting the TN Division of Workers' Compensation at 800-322-2667.

TN Safety Committees

All employers who have an Experience Modification factor above 1.20 are legally required to establish and administer a safety committee in the workplace. This committee must remain in force until the MOD factor dips below the 1.20 threshold. All other operations are encouraged by the state to form safety committees within the workplace.

Drug Free Workplace Credit

Tennessee requires all insurance companies to offer an automatic 5% credit on coverage to all employers who institute a drug free workplace program for their business. Laws passed in 2011 also make it more difficult for employees to receive workers comp benefits if the test positive for alcohol or drugs immediately following and accident. Contact one of our Specialists to learn more about the TN drug free credits and requirements.

Tennessee Uninsured Employers Fund

The state of Tennessee operates the UEF program in an effort to enforce workers comp coverage requirements. The function of UEF is to help ensure that all employers comply with all legal requirements of coverage and to find and penalize those employers who fail to provide coverage for employees when they are required to do so.

Tennessee Proposes Opt-Out Provision

As of January 2016 the Tennessee Legislature is proposing changing state work comp laws to allow for an opt-out provision.

Tennessee Workers' Comp Opt-Out.

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Tennessee Work Comp Information

Claims Management

Tennessee has very strict requirements and procedures for reporting claims information to the state. in most cases, your workers' compensation carrier is responsible for handling all administrative paperwork once a claim is reported to the carrier.

All workers compensation claims should be reported to the insurance company as soon as practical.

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