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Virginia State law requires most employers to purchase workers comp coverage to protect injured employees. Coverage provides an exclusive remedy for the employer. This means that employees can only typically only file a claim against the insurance policy rather than the employer. In return, employees get faster resolutions for claims.

Employers who regularly employ more than two part or full-time employees are required to provide coverage. Coverage is mandatory and they are no waivers or exceptions.

Contractors run a particular risk when they utilize sub-contractors to assist with their work. Sub-contractors must be counted as employees unless the employer can provide Proof of Workers Comp Coverage for the subcontractor.

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Virginia Workers Comp is Regulated by:

Virginia Worker' Compensation Commission
1000 DMV Drive
Richmond, VA 23220

VA Employee Definitions
    Corporate Officers and LLC Members
    Family members working for the business
    Temporary, seasonal, and part-time employees
    Minors and undocumented workers
    Workers for churches, charities, and non-profits
Independent Contractors Vs. Employees

Employers and contractors who pay other sub-contractors using a form 1099 does not guarantee they will not be liable for coverage or claims. The 1099 designation is not important under VA workers comp rules. If the facts around the working relationship demonstrate that employer control exists, an employee relationship is established.

Sole-Proprietors With No Employees

Sole-proprietors with no employees or sub-contractors are not required to purchase coverage. The may opt to voluntary obtain a policy. No exemption or waiver of coverage is needed for sole-proprietors.

Virginia Policy Credits and Discounts

Workers compensation rates are set each year by the VA Bureau of Insurance.  However, Virginia also allows private insurance companies to offer additional discounts and credits on each policy. This means that rates can vary by insurer. The best way to obtain the best prices on coverage is to utilize a licensed insurance agency willing to negotiate better credits for your business, like Workers Compensation

Virginia Coverage for Out-of-State Employers

Virginia requires that all out-of-state employers doing work in the state have proper state coverage. The state requires the Virginia to the policy under Item 3a. This item and section lists the states where the business performs work and therefore insures coverage. If an insurance carrier is unwilling to add Virginia under Item 3a of the policy it generally means they are not licensed to provide coverage in the state. Employer will need a second policy from an insurance company licensed in VA, or they will need a carrier that can provide coverage for all necessary states.

Virginia Drug-Free Workplace Program

Virginia rules require that all insurance companies give an additional 5% policy discount for all Virginia employers who operate a drug-free workplace. Contact your insurance company to get the requirements and form needed to file for this discount.

Create a quick and easy Drug Free Workplace Policy in less than 30 minutes. It's 100% free and provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Virginia Non-Compliance Penalties

Virginia Employers who fail to purchase or maintain the proper workers' compensation insurance may be subject to civil penalties up to $250 for each day they are uninsured. The maximum penalty is $50,000. They may also be held liable for the cost of any claims that happen while uninsured. Repeat offenders may result in criminal prosecution and business revocation.

Virginia Workers Compensation Verification Tool

The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission now offers a free coverage verification tool to assist individuals with verifying coverage for a business by name or Federal ID Number. The tool must be launched from a page on the Commission's website at The link is on the left side under VWC Resources. The tool is called: Insurance Coverage Search.

Virginia Workers Compensation Questions

For additional information or questions about workers compensation insurance in Virginia, contact one of our workers comp Specialists at 888-611-7467.

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We're always working with our insurance carriers to develop specialized programs for a broad range of industry class codes. Our Target Programs are designed to streamline the underwriting process and help ensure we offer the lowest rates available anywhere.

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Virginia Work Comp Resources

Coverage Facts

Coverage is mandatory in VA.

NCCI is the State Rating Bureau.

Private insurance carriers are allowed.

Self-Insurance is permitted, if authorized.

There is no State Fund in VA

VA does not recognize State Reciprocity

NCCI administers the Assigned Risk Program

We write Assigned Risk coverage in VA.

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A lot of insurance agents don't keep up with the ever-changing state rules and regulations in Virginia. We specialize in work comp coverage, and our in-house agents undergo continuous training and education on workers compensation compliance in all 50 states.

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