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New York workers comp insurance rates rank as the 13th highest rates in the United States according to a 2010 study conducted by the OR Department of Consumer Affairs.  This represents an overall rate increase since 2008 when the state ranked 19th overall.  NYS premium rates are 15% above the national median, according to the report.

New York is a Loss Cost state.  This means that the NY rating Board issues new manual rates for workers compensation each year (Usually Oct 1st).  All insurance companies quoting workman's comp insurance must use the manual rates to determine their NYS rates.  Many of our carriers offer additional policy discount and premium credits on New York quotes.  Call us today at 888.611.7467.

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 NY Comp Rates


New York State Workers Comp Rates and Class Codes

New York is not an NCCI state and, therefore, there are currently no rate comparisons for the NY classification codes.  The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB) does not currently publish a list of manual rates by class code for any of the over 600 classifications for workers compensation in New York.

NYS Class Code Searches and Rates

The New York State Insurance Department and NYCIRB do have a website available where employers and agents can search New York class codes and rates effective October 1st 2011.  The NY Dept. of Insurance and NYCIRB do not permit 3rd party disbursement of information so comparisons between NY State Fund rates and the lowest rates offered by our insurance companies can not be illustrated here.  To look up New York Class codes and current rates please visit:


  • Under the heading "Department Services" choose "Underwriting" and then choose "Class Code Search.

Purchase New York Workers Compensation Insurance

We write workman's comp coverage in NY for over 1500 employers, making us your best choice for shopping your work comp rates and coverage.  Call one of our NYS Specialists today at 888-611-7467 or start your quote here online.

New York State Resources

New York State Insurance Department

Rockefeller Empire State Plaza
Agency Building One
Albany, NY 12257

New York State Workers’ Compensation Board
20 Park Street
Albany, New York 12207
(877) 632-4996, Fax: (518) 473-1415

Fraud: (888) 363-6001

New York State Insurance Fund
199 Church Street
New York, New York 10007
(888) 875-5790, (212) 312-9000, Fax: (212) 385-2073


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New York Legal Compliance

According to the NYS Workers' Compensation board, there is a $2,000 penalty for every 10 days without insurance and additional penalties for misrepresenting payroll, employees, and record-keeping.  All insurance companies are required to notify the NY Board when they write, modify, or cancel a policy.


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