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Workers Compensation has you covered in South Carolina when it comes to purchasing affordable workers compensation at the lowest rates possible. We have access to over 20 work comp insurance companies throughout the state. Our current SC workers compensation programs include:

  • Pay As You Go workers compensation Coverage

    • Direct Pay As You Go insurance

    • Payroll and workers compensation combined

  • Direct bill payment plans

  • Programs for construction, trucking, restaurants, home health, and more.

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Am I Required to Carry Coverage in South Carolina?

Any company that employs 4 or more employees on a part-time or full-time basis are required to carry coverage in South Carolina.  However, all employers should consider purchasing workers comp as they may still be liable for any claims if they do not have a policy.

South Carolina does allow a few exceptions.  For example, when prior year payroll is less than $3,000 in the prior year, coverage may not be required.  Contact the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission for details.

What is the Market like in South Carolina?

The SC comp market is fairly competitive and pricing can vary dramatically between insurance companies.  Employers are well advised to contact an agency, like Workers Compensation, in order to get quotes from the maximum number of comp providers.

Employer who are unable to buy workmans comp on the open market will be eligible for state fund coverage.  Our agency is appointed with NCCI and can assist in establishing coverage with the South Carolina State Fund.

If you would like to learn more about our South Carolina workers compensation programs, or want to speak with one of our Specialists, give us a call at 888.611.7467.  Or start an online work comp quote here and we will contact you within 24 hours with quotes or questions.

South Carolina Owners

South Carolina has statutory rules for employer coverage depending on how the business is formed.  Owners need to be careful to ensure they are properly classified on a policy:

Partnerships and sole proprietors are excluded from coverage, but they may elect to be included on the policy,  The rating payroll for premium development used for included partners and individuals is $35,000 (as of 07/01/2010).

LLC Members are treated the same as Partners.

Corporate Officers are automatically included on a policy unless they elect to be excluded.  Officers must complete an Officer Exclusion Form and file it with their carrier.  Officer wages may be a minimum of $15,600 and a max of $140,400 annually (07/01/2010).


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SC Work Comp Commission

The South Carolina Workers Compensation Uninsured Employer's Fund was established to ensure payment of benefits to uninsured employees.  SC has paid out tens millions of dollars for uninsured claims since 2008.  s a result, the state is making greater efforts to enforce coverage.


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