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Workers Compensation is a national Agency, licensed throughout the United States.

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Workmans Comp Insurance Rates Continue to Rise.

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Workers Comp Specialists We Specialize in Workers Comp Coverage Fast and Easy Workmans Compensation Quotes We Make Your Purchase Fast and Easy

At Workers Compensation, we're laser focused on workers comp coverage. And we take pride in helping business owners purchase their policy with fewer headaches. All of our Agents work for us because we don't sell leads. They receive over 150 hours of annual training to ensure we're on top of our game.

Our direct focus on workers comp insurance has allowed us to streamline the quoting process, making it quick and easy for our customers. Once you start a quote with us, our dedicated agents will walk you through the entire process, gathering your info and negotiated lower rates with our insurance companies.

National Workers Compensation Insurance Agency We're a National Insurance Agency Workers Compensation Companies We Offer Quotes from More Carriers

Bigger isn't always better, but when it comes to purchasing workers compensation at the lowest rates, having a national agency on your side is a pretty big deal. We've negotiated unique programs with many of our company partners that offer more flexible payment options like Pay As You Go workers comp that reduce your down payment and improve cash flow.

Most local and state agencies only have access to a few markets when they shop your coverage. We have access to over 35 insurance companies with a diverse appetite and competitive rates. Our markets know we expect the lowest rates, biggest discounts, and more policy credits when we ask for a quote. Call us today at 888-611-7467 or start your quote online today.

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No Money Down, Pay As You Go Workmans Comp Workers Comp Payment Plans
$0 Money Down Better Payment Options

We're a national leader in Pay As You Go Workers Compensation. We've developed programs designed to help reduce or eliminate down payments and allow employers to report and pay premium based on their actual wages.

We've negotiated special terms with many of our insurance companies in order to offer more flexible payment options like 12 equal installment plans and monthly reporting to help improve cash flow for business owners.

Workers Compensation Class Codes
Buy low price Workers Comp
Tough Class Codes Faster Quotes

We can offer a quote for some of the toughest NCCI class codes and higher experience modifiers because we've partnered with national carriers who specialize in high hazard industries.

Our partners and underwriters understand that we need to turn quotes quickly so our customers can purchase coverage when they need it. We often turn quotes in less than 24 hours.

Independent National Insurance Brokers

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We take the time to make sure your business and employees are classified correctly and then we get to work finding the lowest rates available for your insurance coverage.

•   National workers comp Specialists

•   Licensed throughout the United States

•   Programs for standard and tough class codes


Once we've got your best quotes back from our carriers, we take the time to help you understand your options and the next steps to get covered quickly.

•   Pay As You Go insurance coverage

•   Easy billing and installment plans

•   We've helped over 35,000 business owners

National Workers Compensation Experts Real Agents. Fast Insurance Quotes.

At Workers Compensation, we're different than other online agencies offering work comp coverage online.  Most websites either sell your information to real insurance agents, or they give you cookie-cutter rates with no discounts or credits.

When you shop workers' comp with us, you get knowledgeable insurance agents that work directly for our agency. We get to know your business fast, and then shop for your lowest rates and your best insurance quote. Give us a call today at 888-611-7467.

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