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We've developed Pay As You Go worker compensation programs that reduce or eliminate premium deposits and allow Utah employers to report and pay premium based on actual payroll wages. Reduce your audit risk.

We've negotiated special terms with many of our insurance partners to offer more flexible payment options like 12 equal installments plans and monthly reporting programs to help improve cash flow for our business owners.

At Workers Compensation, we know exactly which insurance companies have the lowest cost for every class code available. Our rate tracking system helps us quote your business with the right carriers every time.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance Rates in Utah are very good compared to the national average. As of 2014 rates were 29 percent lower than the rest of the country. Even though rates are good, many businesses miss out on several cost saving programs for their workers comp coverage.

Insurance rates vary significantly between NCCI classification codes. Let our UT Workers Compensation Specialists help you determine your correct workers compensation class codes before you buy a policy. We'll help make sure your business is properly covered.

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We make the process of getting workers compensation quotes fast and easy. We know your time is valuable. That's why we work harder to streamline the quote process, compare your rates and coverages, and present your best options as quickly as possible. We often have your insurance quotes ready in less than 24 hours.

We're a National Agency, and we have tons of carriers offering work comp in Utah. We have access to over 35 insurance companies with a diverse appetite and competitive rates. Our markets know we expect the lowest rates, bigger discounts, and more policy credits when we request a quote.



Did you know that the cost of a workers comp policy in Utah can vary significantly between insurance company, underwriter, and insurance agency?

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Applying for Workers Comp Insurance in Utah

2019 Utah Coverage Rules

State workers compensation coverage requirements

All employers in the state of Utah are required to carry Workers' Compensation Coverage.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Sole Proprietors, Partners and LLC Members are excluded from coverage, but may elect to be included for coverage.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Sole Proprietors or partnerships who have no employees other than the sole proprietor or partner are not required to purchase Workers Comp. If these businesses are contracting work through a general contractor they or the general contractor will be required to provide a workers' compensation insurance certificate.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Corporate Officers are included for coverage, but may elect to be excluded if certain conditions are met. (As of 2013, corporations with no employees except directors and officers are allowed to exclude themselves from coverage, but there is a limit of 5 officers and directors that may be excluded.)

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Directors or officers of a corporation are considered employees and must exclude themselves from coverage through an insurance company.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

All General Contractors are required to ensure that all his subcontractors; including sole proprietorships, partners and corporate officers, have work comp coverage. If they do not have workers compensation coverage then the subcontractor becomes an employee of the general contractor. In this case the general contractor must carry work comp coverage.

2019 Payroll Requirements for Owners

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Sole-Proprietors and Partners who include themselves on workers compensation coverage must use a payroll amount of $45,700 for rating purposes (Accurate as of 3/1/2019, last updated by the state on 1/1/2019.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Corporate Officers and LLC Members who are not included for coverage must utilize a minimum annual payroll of $46,800 and a maximum payroll of $182,000 for the purpose of rating workers comp premium. (Accurate as of 3/1/2019, last updated by the state on 1/1/2019)

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