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Everything employers need to know about workers comp coverage and how it works.

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What is workers compensation and how does it protect my business?

A lot of employers and small business owners are misinformed when it comes to workers compensation insurance. Most employers know they need it, but they often don't exactly know what it covers, how it works, or how to buy it at the lowest rates possible. We've broken workers comp down to the basics with easy to understand informational topics about this required coverage and how it protects your business.

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What is Workers Compensation?

Learn more about this employer paid insurance coverage and find out how it helps protect your business and employees in the event an employee is injured on the job.

Basics of Workers Compensation

Find out the seven basic parts of coverage included in a workers comp policy including medical, occupational, and employers liability coverage.

Workers Compensation Laws

Research the various workers comp laws and statutes, and how they vary between each state and effect state workers compensation insurance coverage.

Workers Compensation Claims

Get information about how the workers comp claims process works and how to help protect your business from higher rates caused by your experience modifier.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers comp benefits vary by state and injury circumstances.  See if your state is employer friendly and how to manage work comp benefits to ensure claim settlements are fair.

Workers Compensation Classification Codes

According to a recent report, 2 out of 5 employers are likely misclassified into an NCCI class code with higher rates than the correct code. We help employers find the best workers comp class codes for their employees.

State Fund Workers Compensation

A workers compensation state fund is typically set-up by each state to ensure that every employer has access to coverage since coverage is mandatory.  State Fund's have the highest workers comp costs so we help employers find more affordable voluntary coverage. 

Workers Compensation Experience Rating

Many employers have an experience rating assigned by NCCI.  This modifies each carriers manual rates and can either increase or decrease an employers actual work comp rates.  Learn more about controlling your NCCI experience rating.

Workers Compensation Forms

Access our free workers compensation forms and find state specific forms such as Acord applications, owner rejection forms, ERM-14 forms, and Report of injury forms.

Workers Compensation Audits

Most insurance companies perform a year end workers comp audit to adjust premium based on the actual payroll listed on employer 940's and 941's.  Learn more about how to prepare for a workers compensation audit.

Workers Comp Questions and Answers

Get straight-forward and easy to understand answers to the most common questions we hear regarding workmans compensation coverage. See if your business is required to purchase coverage.

Workers Compensation Commission

Ever wonder what an agent typically earns in workers compensation commission from a written policy?  We disclose our comp commission and help debunk commission myths.

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Buying workers compensation coverage can be a confusing process for many employers, especially when you're not armed with good information to help you make better purchase decisions.

At Workers Compensation Shop, our goal is to educate business owners about workers comp and help them get the most affordable policy for their business. Call us today for free information and helpful advice about your workmans comp insurance.

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