Workers Comp for Trucking Companies

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Truckers

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Trucking workers compensation coverage can be hard to find and expensive in many states. Over the past few years, a lot of national insurance companies have quit quoting coverage for long-haul trucking and limited their appetite for short-haul truckers. Other regional carries can't provide the coverage required when traveling into other states. That's why we've worked with our carriers to design affordable target programs for most trucking operations.

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Workers Compensation for Truckers

Industry Classes Included in our Trucking and Transportation Programs

Class Codes
Brief Business Description of Truck Operations we Cover
Short Haul Trucking. This class is used for local haulers who transport general merchandise less than 200 miles from their business location or residence. This code also applies to sand and gravel haulers, towing companies, as well as dump truck operators.
Long Haul Trucking. This classification applies to operators than haul general merchandise greater than 200 miles from their principal location. May include automobile hauling
Mail and Package Deliver and Courier Services. The applicable code for companies that deliver and/or pick up non-owned packages and messages on a local basis.
Trucking- Package and Parcel Delivery. This class is utilized for trucking companies that deliver merchandise from retail stores to customers.
Commercial Drivers, Chauffeurs, and Messengers. This class is intended for drivers who are not employed by a public transportation service and do not better fit another class code. This may include delivery by bicycle.
Contract Trucking- U.S. Postal Service. Applies to mail, parcel, and package delivery under contract with the U.S. Postal Service.
Many states have exceptions to the NCCI classification codes. Call our Workman's Comp Specialists for specific details about your state rules.
State Availability

All States except ND, OH, WA, and WY

Trucking Highlights

Pay As You Go Comp Coverage

A Rated Insurance Carriers

Multi-State Policies

New Trucking Risks

Higher Deductible Options

Lapses in Coverage OK

National Workers Compensation

Our Top Carriers for Truckers Insurance Coverage

Birkshire Hathaway

Birkshire Hathaway currently offers short haul programs for towing, dump trucks and delivery under 200 miles.


AmeriSafe has a long-haul trucking program and offers highly competitive workers comp rates.


UBIC continues to expand into more states and offers better rates on all trucking risks.

MEM Insurance

MEM provides exception safety services and is actively quoting most trucking operations.

Applied Underwriters

Applied Underwriters offer a high deductible plan and 3 year rate guarantee for larger trucking risks.

Nations Builders Insurance

Available in select states. NBIS quotes heavy equipment hauling and machinery movers.

Class Sub-Categories

Short Haul Trucking

Dump Trucks

Long Haul Trucking

Carrier Trucking

Parcel Delivery

LTL Trucking

Getting Workers Comp Quotes

We offer other carrier programs in many states for select trucking risks. Not all trucking operations will qualify for one of our trucking programs depending on the nature of business, prior claims, and state. We do work with the State Fund in most states for operators who do not qualify.

Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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