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Workers Compensation Insurance for Stores

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Retail stores, wholesale distributors, warehousing businesses and apparel stores make up almost 12% of the entire workers compensation insurance market. While most carriers are willing to quote coverage for stores, prices vary considerably between insurance companies. That's why we've designed Target Retail and Wholesale Store Programs to help business find the price on their coverage. Buy WC coverage today.

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Workers Comp Insurance for Stores

Industry Classes Included in our Retail and Wholesale Store Programs

Class Codes
Brief Business Description of Store Operations we Cover
Retail Store. This is the most common classification code for most retail stores and includes all stores that sell merchandise that are not otherwise in a specialty store class code. Applicable stores include general merchandises, clothing, beer, tobacco, supplies, electronics, gifts, furniture, paint, carpet, shoes, drug stores, etc.
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Store. Includes all employees and drivers
Grocery Store. This class includes stores that sell retail groceries, fruits, vegetables, meats, frozen foods and delicatessen stores. In many states, convenience stores will be included in this class code.
Hardware Stores. Applies to both retail and wholesalers who sell hardware such as nails, bolts, sockets, tools, and other related items. Other stores that may be included in this class are auto parts stores, HVAC parts, radio/TV parts stores.
Furniture Stores. This code refers to both retail and wholesale dealers who primarily sell furniture. Merchandise includes home furnishings, antiques, lawn furniture, office furniture, etc.
Wholesale Store. Wholesale operations generally include the maintenance of warehouse inventories and may include assembling, sorting, packaging and grading of goods. Similar operations apply to 8017 on a retail store basis.
Retail Drug Store. This class includes all pharmacies that derive at least 40% of sales from prescriptions. This includes compounding, mixing, and blending as retail components of the retail sales of drugs.
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Store. Includes all employees and drivers
There are numerous other classification codes used to define specialized stores such as Jewelry Repair-3383, Florists-8001, Bicycles- 8010, and more.
Many states often utilize different codes for certain types of classification so classification may vary. Call our Workers Comp Specialists for details about your classification clods.
State Availability

All States except ND, OH, WA, and WY

Retail Store Highlights

Pay As You Go Work Comp

A Rated Insurance Carriers

New Stores Accepted

High Deductible Plan Options

Lapses in Coverage Are OK

Package Programs for Stores

In addition to the best prices on workers compensation insurance, We've developed lower cost package solutions for most types of retail and wholesale businesses. Ask about our package program discounts and credits.

Our Top Carriers for Store Insurance Coverage


Mono-line workers comp coverage and BOP package coverage options for most types of stores.


Travelers offers very affordable rates and package discounts for both retail and wholesale stores.

Markel FirstComp

First Comp is the perfect choice for new and small business retail stores and distributors.

Accident Fund Insurance

Accident Fund has target programs for Bakeries, sandwich shops, convenience stores and Florists.


Employers has a huge appetite for grocery stores clothing stores. as well as retail and wholesale.

The Hartford

Hartford is our GO TO carrier for full commercial packages for most types of retail and sporting goods stores.

Class Sub-Categories

Retail Stores

Wholesale Stores


Apparel Stores

Sporting Goods


Grocery Stores

Getting Quotes

We offer additional quote options from some of our other insurance companies depending on your state, nature of business, and claims experience. Give us a call today to learn more about our programs. And to see if your business qualifies for lower cost coverage on workmans comp.

Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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