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Qualify for lower workers comp rates with our programs for non-profit organizations.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Non-Profits

See if your organization qualifies for one of our Target Non-Profit Programs.

A lot of insurance carriers have restricted coverage for non-profits and charitable organization due to historical claims and their potential exposure from volunteers serving these organizations. At Workers Compensation, we've taken a different approach to non-profits and created programs with better coverage options and lower prices. Qualify today for one of our Non-Profit Programs for workers comp and more.

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Workers Comp Insurance for Non-Profit Entities

Industry Classes Included in our Non-Profit Programs

Class Codes
Brief Business Description of Operations we Cover
Social Services Organizations. This classification is applicable to organizations that provide social services to mentally, physically, or emotionally challenged individuals, troubled youth, abuse, drug related activity, etc.. Types of services provided may include meals, counseling, case management, education, employment, and training, and very limited medical services.
Group Homes. This code contemplates facilities with overnight stays and applies to most group homes, rescue missions, temporary shelters independent supportive living, and training centers for mentally, physically, or emotionally handicapped clients.
Juvenile Detention Centers. Includes halfway houses, boot camps, homes for convicts, and correction facilities.
Social Services Professionals. The common class code for adoption services, community outreach workers, foster care placement, and social workers.
Hospitals- Non Professional (non-medical). Applies to above whereas employee is not medically trained such as maintenance, laundry, food services.
Hospitals- Non Professional (non-medical). Applies to above whereas employee is not medically trained such as maintenance, laundry, food services.
Charitable and Welfare Organizations- MA, TX, WI. Includes organizations that collect, recondition and sale items in their stores.
Charitable and Welfare Organizations- MO, NV, VA. Applies to most organizations that provide charitable or welfare assistance to the needy, challenged, or abused. Organizations may provide accommodations, meals, counseling, etc. Class may include residential mental health facilities, residential care, community food service, shelters, and vocational rehabilitation services.
YMCA, YWCA, YMHA, and YWHA institutions.
Other target classifications used by many non-profits and charitable organizations include: Transportation Services (Meals on Wheels)- 7382, Special Needs Schools- 8868, Companions- 8835, Congregate Meal Sites- 9079, Food Pantry- 8006, Home Health Aides- 8835, Soup Kitchens- 9079.
Many states have special rules for non-profits and welfare organizations. Please consult with our Workman's Comp Specialists for applicable rules in your state.
State Availability

All States except ND, OH, WA, and WY

Non-Profit Program Highlights

Pay As You Go Work Comp

A Rated Insurance Carriers

Coverage for Volunteers

New Organizations Accepted

High Deductible Plan Options

Lapses in Coverage OK

Broad Range of Class Codes

Why Workers Compensation

We're a national insurance agency specializing in workers compensation insurance. We've been serving the Non-Profit and charitable community since we started. Our strong focus on this segment has earned us a good reputation within the insurance industry and we are recognized as one of the leaders in commercial insurance for non-profits. It's are passion to help you understand your coverage's and to ensure your never pay more for coverage than you should.

Our Top Carriers for Non-Profit Insurance Coverage

Synergy Coverage Solutions

Synergy Insurance quotes a broad range of charitable and welfare organization in most states.

Accident Fund Insurance

Accident Fund offers low rates on many class codes for non-profit organizations.

Markel FirstComp

First Comp/Markel combine to offer Pay As You Go coverage and GL solutions for social service organizations.


AmTrust's workers comp program for non-profits offers great coverage and affordable rates in most states.


Normandy offers several new non-profit programs with National Casualty Company


MEM is a Missouri based carrier with low rates on most non-profit classes and volunteers.

Class Sub-Categories


Charitable Organizations

Welfare Organizations

Social Services

Respite Services

Homes and Shelters

Starting Your Quote

We're proud to offer great programs and affordable options to non-profits and charitable foundations because we believe these services are vital to the communities and the country. Give us a call today to discuss your organizations needs and to learn more about our Non-Profit Workers Compensation Programs.

Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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