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Workers Compensation Insurance for Arborists

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It's not always easy to find workmans comp coverage if your in the tree service or removal business. A lot of insurance companies have opted to exclude this business type from their list of approved classes to quote. That's why we've worked with select partners to develop and tailor programs aimed at providing affordable insurance for tree trimmers and arborists. Give us a call to get better work comp prices for your insurance.

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Workers Compensation for Arborists

Industry Classes Included in our Tree Service Programs

Class Codes
Brief Business Description of Operations we Cover
Tree Trimming, Spraying, and Repairing. This is the most common class code used for tree trimmers and arborists. It applies to contractors who use tools and equipment to prune, spray, trim, fumigate, or repair trees. Work performed may include incidental tree removal, chipping, cleanup, and the hauling of limbs and debris. Work can be done at ground level, on ladders, or bucket trucks. Equipment may include shears, saws, pruners, chain saws, guy wires, and spraying equipment.
Tree Removal and Logging. Applies to companies who remove trees, standing timber, and brush removal using hand or power tools. Applicable when clearing land for residences, power lines, golf courses, etc. May include stump removal.
Tree Excavation. Similar to above classification. However, when the clearing or removal of trees and brush utilizes mechanical equipment such as bulldozers, hydroaxes, and hi-lifts it is classifies as excavation.
Landscape Gardening. A common classification associated with tree trimming. Applies to the installation and maintenance of landscaping and may include tree planting, retaining walls, and other beautification or land.
Tree Farm and Nursery. Standard classification code for facilities devoted to growing trees, shrubs, and plants.
Tree trimming and arborist operations may vary in rules and underwriting from state to state. Contact our Specialist for more information regarding the application of class codes within your state.
State Availability

All States except ND, OH, WA, and WY

Professional Arborist Highlights

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Top Carriers for Arborist Insurance Coverage


Possibly the very best workers comp carrier for tree service operations and landscapers.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

A great low-cost solution for arborists with a limited amount of height exposure.


UBIC offers some of the lowest filed rates for tree related class codes in their active states.

Accident Insurance

Provide a strong program and good rates for tree trimmers and arborists in most states.


A good workers comp program for Missouri based tree trimmers and arborists. Currently expanding.

Midwestern Insurance Alliance

Wood and wood product insurance specialists. Midwest Insurance quotes tree trimmers and tree removal.

Class Sub-Categories

Tree Service


Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Tree Trimming

Landscape Gardening

Getting Quotes

We offer additional insurance lines such as GL and equipment coverage from insurance companies depending on your state, nature of business, and prior losses. Give us a call today to learn more about our Tree and Arborist Programs. Find out if your business qualifies for cheaper workmens comp.

Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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