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Ohio is a Monopolistic State

The state of Ohio is one of the four remaining monopolistic states in the country. This means workers' compensation insurance can only be purchased through the Ohio State Fund. If you are a Ohio employer or you are doing work in the state of Ohio you will need to contact the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) in order to purchase workers compensation coverage:

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC
Phone: 1-800-OHIOBWC

Out of State Workers Compensation

Although Workers Compensation can't help employers find coverage in the state of Ohio, we often help Ohio business owners purchase out-of-state workers comp coverage. If you are an Ohio employer doing business outside of the state, or you have employees who live outside of Ohio, please contact one of our Work Comp Specialists at 888-611-7467 to find affordable a workers compensation quotes for other states.

Contact one of Our Workers' Comp Specialists today to learn more about our national and multi-state insurance options or start a quote online if your business needs other state coverage outside of Ohio.

Monopolistic Work Comp States

There are four monopolistic states left in the country. These states have special laws that require employers in that state to purchase their workers comp coverage though the state's designated workers compensation program or State Fund. Private insurance companies are not permitted to offer coverage in these four states.

Ohio State Fund coverage is divided into two separate divisions. The Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) is responsible for offering state fund coverage and managing policy administration. The Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) manages and administers all workers compensation claims in Ohio. The Ohio Workers Compensation Oversight Commission reviews asset investments and administrative rules.

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Ohio Workmens Comp Experts Ohio Does Not Allow Free Competition Fast and Easy Workmans Compensation Multi-State Coverage Doesn't Work

The state of Ohio does not allow free-market competition and they are not part of NCCI. Rates vary significantly in non-monopolistic states and employers with limited losses or claims are rewarded with lower workers comp rates because of a) lower experience modifiers and b) scheduled credits.

Most private insurance carriers are licensed or authorized to offer workers compensation in most state throughout the U.S. Employers who do business in more than one state benefit because they can purchase coverage for multiple states from a single insurance carrier.

Pay As You Go workers compensation quotes Industry Standards and Data Doesn't Exist Workers Compensation Companies in Ohio Separate Experience Modifiers Needed

Monopolistic states do not benefit from utilizing standardized classification systems and national data statistics for workers comp insurance. This causes problems for both Ohio employers and employers from other states doing work in Ohio. Special considerations are required.

Inter-state and intra-state experience modifiers are not standardized for monopolistic states and Ohio employers may have separate experience modifiers affecting the cost of their insurance coverage. NCCI combines employer experience modifiers in non-monopolistic states.

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Did you know that the cost of a workers comp policy in Ohio can vary significantly between insurance company, underwriter, and insurance agency?

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Getting Ohio Workers' Comp Insurance

2019 Ohio Coverage Information

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Every Ohio employer is required to purchase workers compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Sole-Proprietors and Partners are not required to cover themselves on workers compensation, but they can elect to be covered. A Notice of Election form may need be filed with The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Corporate Officers are automatically included in Ohio coverage, but they may elect to be excluded using the proper exclusion form.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

LLC Members will be treated as either a corporate officer or sole-proprietor depending on how they form their entity and how they are treated for income tax purposes.

2019 Payroll Requirements for Owners

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Ohio does require minimum and maximum payroll requirements for business owners for the purposes of charging workers compensation premium. This calculation is based on the state average weekly wage.

State workers compensation coverage requirements

Contractors doing business in Ohio may be subject to industry payroll limits for certain industry groups and may need maintain records to verify weekly wages paid to employees.

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Workers Compensation Agents Ohio State Fund.

Ohio currently represents the largest of the four remaining monopolistic State Funds, with approximately $20 billion in assets. The BWC provides exclusive workers compensation insurance coverage to over 250,000 Ohio employers.

If you are looking for workers comp coverage for employees or work outside of the state of Ohio, give one of our Specialists a call today at 888-611-7467 or get started now with an online workers comp quote. We've helped hundreds of Ohio employers find more affordable coverage for their out of state insurance coverage.

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