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Insurance agents and agencies are required to be licensed to sell Property and Casualty insurance individually by each state. State licensing can cost thousands of dollars each year to maintain. Additionally, agencies must also be authorized to represent their insurance carriers on a state by state basis. We are a national insurance agency licensed and authorized to sell workers' compensation insurance in all state.
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Workers Compensation All States Coverage

Work Comp is State Specific

The System for Workers Compensation Insurance in the United States is governed by the individual states. Each state has their own way of going about administering the system within their state. This includes setting the rules, rates, and requirements for all businesses that operate within the states borders. Most states require all businesses to carry some form of Workers Compensation Coverage. Each state has exclusions for some businesses depending upon the size of the business, the industry the business operates in, and the way the business is structured.

It is best to check with the proper governing body in your state and to partner with an experienced independent insurance agent to make sure you are following the state laws where your business operates.

Since workers compensation coverage is state specific, it can be a problem for businesses who have employees that work out of state, or in multiple states, to find interstate workers comp coverage.

This is where Workers Compensation may be able to help your business. We have set ourselves apart from other insurance agencies through the relationships we have developed with carriers across the country. We have been able to set up a national network because we are an independent insurance agency. Being an independent agency means we offer the insurance policies of many carriers, not just one carrier or a select few. This allows our agents to find the best policy for your business, not just a select few policies offered by one carrier.

Workers Compensation is an independent agency that offers workers' compensation insurance coverage in all States. Some agencies may be able to help you in one state or a select few states; maybe even a region of the country. Few independent insurance agencies have staff with the knowledge and expertise to offer all states workers' compensation coverage.

Our agency has established strong relationships with multiple carriers throughout the United States. Our goal is to offer solutions from as many carriers as possible and to offer workmen’s comp in all states our customers work in. Over the 14 years, Workers Compensation has built partnerships with more than 40 insurance carriers who are actively quoting coverage in all 50 states. This allows our agents to find your business the most comprehensive coverage at rock bottom prices on all states workers compensation coverage

Coast to Coast Insurance Coverage

Its not easy managing employees and business logistics in multiple states. Rules and regulations often vary, creating numerous challenges for business owners. When it comes to multi-state workers compensation insurance, we've got you covered. Find out how we can help you purchase one or more policies to cover your employees in multiple states throughout the country.

All States Workman's Compensation Solution

When buying workers compensation across state lines, it is important to partner with an independent insurance agency who has adequate knowledge and expertise about the workers’ compensation systems in multiple states. Because of the unique nature of the economies in each state, administering the workers compensation systems has been left up to the states instead of the federal government.

The needs of businesses and workers are drastically different from a rural state like Alaska or South Dakota compared to a populous state like New York or California. Also, the weather can make the economy in a state like Idaho or Vermont dramatically different than the economy in a state like New Mexico or Florida. All of these differences in the economy make for a better system governed by the states as opposed to one system governed by the federal government.

National agencies who have experience assisting employers in multiple states can offer the best national or multi-state workers compensation solutions for your unique business. Workers Compensation is one of the few agencies that are specifically a workers compensation broker licensed in all states. Although our agents are located in one location, they consult with business owners in all 50 states and they interact with insurance carriers who focus on workers compensation insurance the covers all states.

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Workers Compensation helps employers find where to get workmens comp for multiple states. We can do this because we are a national workers' compensation insurance agency.

Trying to find workmans comp for multiple states can be a daunting task for a small to medium business owner. This is because the rules and regulations for the workers’ compensation system is governed by the states. When a business operates in a number of states, it can be difficult to determine which laws to follow. A business may end up needing workers comp for multiple states when the business is located somewhere like Kansas City where the border between Missouri and Kansas runs directly through the middle of the city. It can also occur for a business that has locations in two states, but those states are located on opposite sides of the country. There can also be a need for workers comp in multiple states for regional or national businesses that have employees in many states throughout the country.

At Workers Compensation, our agents are experts at helping small businesses find coverage for employees in two or more states. We have national relationships with more than 40 workers' comp carriers. Through this network of carriers, our agents can find coverage for most classification codes in all 50 states. A majority of our competition only quotes coverage in a few markets or a select region of the country. Through our established relationships, we are able to find you more options at better prices.

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Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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