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Employers is a national workers compensation specialist. They are solely focused on workers compensation insurance and do not offer any other lines of P&C coverage. They offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry for target class codes, especially restaurants. Employers recently celebrated their 100th anniversary as they began writing workers compensation in Nevada in 1913. Employers Insurance Company is an A Rated carrier..

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Employers Insurance Company Workers' Comp

Employers is a national carrier offering coverage in most states. The company went public in 2007 and has been steadily growing ever since. Employers Compensation Insurance Company writes most types of businesses and is willing to write small premium polices with lower minimum premium requirements. Some other advantages of Employers include:

  • Lowest filed rates for restaurants in most states
  • Policy credit and dividend programs
  • Loss control website to track claims
  • Safety portal for policyholders
Employers Top 25 Workers Comp Classes

Employers Compensation Insurance Company has a reputation for being unbeatable in their target class codes. While the write hundreds of industry classes, a significant portion of their annual premium comes from select business classes.

Employers Top 25 class codes for workers compensation:

Food and Hospitality:
Restaurants- All Class Codes
Hotels- All Employees
Sandwich Shops

Professional Services:
Physicians and Clerical
Dentists and Dental Surgeons
Barber Shops and Hair Salons
Attorney- Law Firms
Colleges and Institutions
Sales Professionals
Office Machine or Appliance Installation
Computer Programming and Software Development
Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing
Janitorial Services

Automotive Repair Shops
Machine Shops
Auto Body Repair
Auto Service Stations
Automobile Sales- Dealers

Stores and Retail:
Store- Wholesale
Store- Retail
Clothing Manufacturer
Grocery Stores
Clothing Store- Retail
Employers for Restaurants

Employers is one of the premier national workers' compensation markets for restaurant insurance. They offer some of the lowest filed rates in many states throughout the country and also have flexible payment plans to improve operational cash flow. Employers has been endorsed as the provider of choice by several state restaurant associations including Arizona and California. The company offers automatic premium discounts and policy credits in some states for members of various restaurant associations. Get an Employers insurance quote for your restaurant today.

Workers Comp Shop | Employers Insurance

We're a national agency and we work with Employers Compensation Insurance Company throughout the United States. Employers is an excellent option for workers compensation coverage and maintains customers over time with exceptional renewal offers including policy credits and discounts. Employers offers workers compensation polices via the following subsidiaries:

  • Employers Compensation Insurance Company (ECIC)
  • Employers Insurance Company of Nevada (EICN)
  • Employers Preferred Insurance Company (EPIC)
  • Employers Assurance Company (EAC)
Employers Pay As You Go Work Comp

Our agency is a select member of Employers' Strategic Partnership & Alliance Division which gives us exclusive access to Pay As You Go and other specialized workers comp solutions.

Employers offers one of the most cost effective Pay As You Go workers comp programs whereas the only down payment required is the state expense constant- Typically around $200 per policy.

Employers Insurance Company States
Employers Florida Program

Employers is the only carrier approved in the State of Florida to offer an automatic 5% credit on all of their target class codes, making them the most affordable carrier in Florida.

Employers CA Restaurant Association

Employers offers an additional 5% credit for any members of the California Restaurant Association. Credit requires an active CRA membership number to qualify.

Employers Insurance Company Workers Compensation Independent Insurance Agents Associations

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Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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