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Arizona is considered to be one of the more cost effective states for purchasing a workers compensation policy.  In a recent study. Arizona ranked 38th in average premium rates, making it the 13th cheapest state in the country to purchase workers compensation coverage.  Their is current speculation that AZ rates are on the rise.  The state was ranked number 45 in a 2008 study.

Arizona is an NCCI state and all workers comp rates belong to the rating organization.  NCCI collects data and then makes rate recommendations to the AZ Department of Insurance for review and approval.  Manual class code rates are the same for all companies, but premium is always affected by carrier credits, debits, and discounts, as well as the employers experience modifier.

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AZ Comp Rates


Arizona Rates for Select Workers Comp Class Codes

Class Code

Low Rate Fund Rate

0042 Landscaping

$4.93 $6.66

3632 Machine Shop

$2.84 $3.83

3821 Salvage Yard

$4.59 $6.20

5022 Masonry

$7.06 $9.53

5183 Plumbing

$4.56 $6.16

5190 Electrical

$4.37 $5.90

5221 Concrete Construction

$4.24 $5.72

5437 Carpentry/Trim

$5.44 $7.34

5474 Painting

$7.21 $9.73

5478 Flooring

$3.35 $4.52

5645 Carpentry NOC Residential Construction

$12.64 $17.06

7228 Short Haul Trucking

$7.00 $9.45

8006 Gas Station

$2.66 $3.59

8017 Retail Store

$1.70 $2.30

8380 Auto Shop

$2.49 $3.36

8742 Outside Sales

$0.43 $0.58

8810 Clerical

$0.21 $0.28

8832 Doctor's Office

$0.41 $0.55

8835 Home Health Care

$1.87 $2.52

9012 Building Operations by Owner

none none

9014 Janitorial

$3.58 $4.83

9015 Building Ops by Contractor

$3.78 $5.10

9082 Restaurant

$1.69 $2.28

9083 Restaurant Fast Food

$1.62 $2.19

9102 Lawn Care

$2.80 $3.78

Arizona State Resources

Industrial Commission of Arizona

Phoenix Office:
800 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tucson Office:
2675 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85716

Insurance disputes are the jurisdiction of:

Arizona Department of Insurance

 2910 N. 44th St. Suite 210
Phoenix, Az. 85018-7269
(602) 364-4457 / (877) 660-0964


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Who Pays for Comp in AZ

Employers are entirely responsible for paying all premiums related to a workers compensation policy.  Arizona state law prohibits employers from deducting any amount of premium from employees' wages.


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