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AZ Workers Comp Information

See the latest information about Arizona workers compensation insurance state rules.

Arizona state law requires all employee to cover employee under a workers' compensation policy. Coverage is required even if the employee is part-time. Its also required for minors and family members.

While coverage is not generally required for independent contractors, there are often disputes over who qualifies as an independent contractor. Factors considered to determine independent status include supervision, duration of work performed, control of work product, and if work is a usual part of the employer's business.

It is currently unclear as to whether or not Arizona considers and LLC member an employee for workers' compensation. Most insurance companies treat LLC Members the same as Officers of a corporation.

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Arizona State Regulation for Insurance

Arizona Department of Insurance
2910 North 44th Street Ste 210
Phoenix AZ 85018

Arizona is an NCCI State

Arizona utilizes NCCI as its state rating authority and bureau. This means that all data and rates are administered by NCCI. NCCI also administers the State Fund program in Arizona for Residual Market coverage. Employers who are unable to find private coverage may purchase insurance from NCCI.

CopperPoint Mutual

Formerly known as SCF Arizona. CopperPoint is no longer the preferred State Fund carrier in Arizona. Employers are not required to receive a declination letter from CopperPoint prior to seeking Residual Market quotes via an NCCI appointed agency.

Arizona is a No Fault System

All injured employees are eligible to receive medical and compensation benefits for work related accidents. Even if the employee was at fault for the injury in some capacity, they will be entitled to benefits under a no fault system.

Obtaining Workers Comp in AZ

Workers compensation coverage can be obtained from any insurance company licensed to issue workers comp policies in Arizona. A list of licensed companies can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Insurance (800-325-2548). Coverage should be purchased from a licensed agency doing business with one or more of these companies.

Arizona Self-Insurance

Some larger employers with significant assets may apply for permission to become self-insured for workers compensation insurance. Permission must be granted by ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona). Self-insured employers must post a notice of workers comp advising all employees of their coverage. They must also provide rejection notice forms for employee who may choose to reject their employers' self-funded coverage.

Medical Direction in AZ

Arizona employers may direct injured employees to a doctor of their choice for a one-time evaluation. After one visit, the employee may choose to utilize the directed physician or seek treatment with a physician of their choice.

Owner Inclusion and Exclusion Information

See Arizona Coverage Requirements.

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Arizona Work Comp Information

AZ Compliance and Claims

If an employee is injured on the job and the employer does not have coverage, the employee may file a civil lawsuit against the employer with the ICA. The Special fund will typically pay the claims and seek reimbursement plus 10% from the employer.

Failure to carry workers compensation is a felony charge in Arizona. Civil penalties vary between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the number of offenses. A Superior Court in Arizona may also shut a business down for non-compliance.

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