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Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance

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Pennsylvania ranks as the 14th highest state in the United States for workers compensation insurance rates.  With rates almost 14% higher than the national average it may be good business practice for employers to shop their rates with an independent insurance agency such as Workers Compensation

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 PA Comp Rates


Pennsylvania Class Codes and Rates

Workers compensation class codes and rate computations are unique to Pennsylvania since the state is not under the jurisdiction of NCCI- National Council on Compensation Insurance.  Instead, the state's entire workers comp system is administered by the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau.  The Bureau is not a government agency, but it is licensed and regulated by the PA Department of Insurance.

All workers compensation class codes and standard rates are determined by the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB) and base rates are established for each class code based on actuarial data analysis of premiums vs. claims.  The classifications are only utilized for operations within the state.

NCCI Comparisons with PCRB

While NCCI established four digit classification codes for most states throughout the United States, Pennsylvania and a few other states have created their own distinct system.  PA is the only state that utilizes a 3 digit job classification system, making it a challenge for some agents and insurance companies to properly classify PA business.

PCRB currently uses about 350 distinct class codes to distinguish between varies job duties.  This represents less than half of the current NCCI classification codes.

Finding the Best Work Comp Rates in Pennsylvania

Insurance companies doing business in PA are allowed to sub -classify business within the PRCB classification system.  This represents a prime reason as to why insurance rates vary so tremendously between carriers selling workers compensation in PA.  Additionally, certain credits and debits may be applied to PA workers comp quotes depending on premium size, merit rating, PRCB modifier, and relevant NCCI experience modifiers if any business is conducted outside of the state.

Pennsylvania may be one of the most important states to do a thorough review of your insurance rates and class codes.  Employers are advised to shop rates every one to two years to make sure they have the lowest rates available on the market.

PA State Comp Contacts

State of Pennsylvania

Department of Labor and Industry
Labor & Industry Building
Room 1700
7th and Forster Streets
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
(717) 787-5279

PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

1171 South Cameron Street, Room 324
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104-2501
(800) 482-2383

Pennsylvania State Workers’ Insurance Fund

100 Lackawanna Avenue
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503
Mailing Address
Post Office Box 5100
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505-5100
(570) 963-4635

PA Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board

1171 South Cameron Street, Room 305
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104-2511
(717) 783-7838


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PA Overtime Wages

Pennsylvania workers comp laws require that overtime pay be included in premium calculations to determine annual work comp premium.  Employers should be advised that all overtime pay is subject to premium and may be added during the annual comp audit process. 


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