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A Certificate of Liability Insurance provides proof of active coverage from one business to another business.

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What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is generally accepted as proof of insurance coverage. It is commonplace in many industries, especially service and construction, for one business to require a Certificate of Insurance from another business prior to having any subcontract work performed.

The Acord 125 form is the standard document used to issue certificates of insurance coverage. The Acord form includes information about the insured including coverage type, policy numbers, expiration dates, limits of coverage, and key details. The Certificate Holder is listed on the form as well as the Agency issuing the Certificate.

A workers' compensation Certificate is issued to the Certificate Holder in order to provide evidence of current coverage. This protects the Cert Holder from having to pay additional premium for your coverage on their own policy during an audit. If a policy is terminated prior to its expiration date, the insurance agency who issued the Certificate of Insurance will notify the Cert Holders of the policy termination.

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