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Buy lower cost workers compensation insurance for your lawn or landscaping business.

Workers Compensation Insurance for lawn care and lanscaping

See if your lawn or landscaping company qualifies for one of our Target Industry Programs.

We have target workers comp programs available for lawn care, landscaping, and gardening services. Many of our programs include coverage for snow removal as well so you can  work during the off season. Our program insurance carriers offer discounted work comp rates up to 20% below market average. Get free, no obligation, quotes today including liability and property coverage for multi-line discounts and policy credits.

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Industry Classes Included in our Lawn Service Programs

Class Codes Brief Business Description of Operations we Cover
9102 Park NOC.  This is the most common classification used for lawn care companies and includes many related functions such as mowing, weeding, grounds maintenance, raking, fertilizing, and limited trimming and planting operations. Generally this class code is best suited for lawn care companies providing routine lawn services.
0042 Landscaping is distinguished from lawn care in that many of the tasks related to this class include new landscaping verses the maintenance of existing landscaping. Related work includes laying out grounds and retaining walls, planting, excavation, and sprinkler installation.
9182 This is a more specific class code related to the maintenance of athletic parks. It includes athletic parks where sporting events are viewed and applies to the care and maintenance of the entire facility.
0106 Tree pruning, spraying, and repairing is a specialized classification due to potential height exposure and the utilization of specific equipment such as chainsaws and sheers. This class may include pruning, removal, grinding, harvesting, and driving.
9220 Cemetery operations is closely related to these other codes in that much of the same work is performed. However, cemetery operations utilizes a specific code in most states.
9016 Many specialized park operations utilize this classification for rating coverage.  Types of parks that may be apply include amusement parks, ranges, arenas, concessions, golf, boat rentals, racing, rodeos, tracks, and zoos.
Notes Classifying coverage for lawn care and landscaping industries can very between states due to exceptions and the nature of the operations. Contact one of our licensed producers for detailed information about your state requirements.
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State Availability

All States except ND, OH, WA, and WY

Lawn Care Highlights

Pay As You Go Coverage

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Other Lines of Coverage

In addition to offering specialized programs for workers compensation insurance, we've developed package programs for lawn and landscaping to include coverage for GL, property, equipment, and auto. Ask about our package options.

Our Top Carriers for Lawn and Landscaping Coverage


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Liberty Mutual Insurance

AmTrust is a national carrier with a workers comp and BOP program for lawn care.

Liberty Mutual is an all-lines carrier offering credits for qualified landscaping and lawn care companies.

Markel FirstComp

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Accident Insurance

FirstComp offers some of the lowest rates and price on coverage in their target states.

Accident has both a package program and workers comp program for lawn and landscapers.

Accident Fund

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The Hartford

Accident Fund is offering exceptional pricing for new and existing landscaping businesses.

The Hartford offers credits and multi-line discounts on all lines of coverage for both classes of business.

Class Sub-Categories

Lawn Care


Mowing Companies

Facility Maintenance

Landscape Designers

Lawn Equipment Repair

Getting Quotes

We offer additional quote options from some of our other insurance companies depending on your state, nature of business, and claims experience. Give us a call today to learn more about our programs. And to see if your business qualifies for lower cost coverage on workmans comp.

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A lot of agencies have access to insurance markets that offer workers compensation coverage for lawn and landscaping. But we offer exclusive programs with lower class code rates so you find the best deal on coverage.

Start an online quote to see if you qualify for the best prices on your next policy. Or give our Specialists a call today at 888-611-7467.

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