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Amerisafe Insurance offers lower rates on touch workers comepensation class codes.

Amerisafe Insurance Workers Comp

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Amerisafe is one of the leading carriers in the WC industry for insuring higher risk hazard codes and the construction industries. Their one of the few companies actively quoting risks susch as trucking and roofing. Amerisafe takes a unique approach to underwriting and place a high emphasis on worksite safety and ongoing employee training. Amerisafe also offers great payment options and offers fast and easy workers comp renewals.

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Amerisafe began offering workers comp coverage in 1986 and only offerred coverage for logging in a handful of states. Over the past few decades they have expanded into 28 states and now insure a wide range of hard-to-place classification codes and risks. SOme of their key features and benefits include:

Exceptional safety and loss control services
Jobsite inspection services to ensure safe workplaces
Higly competitive rates for tough class codes
Pay As You Go reporting options to improve cash flow
Amerisafe's Worker Comp Appetite

Amerisafe takes a methodical approach to underwriting. Because of the nature of business they quote, Amerisafe typically requires a loss control inspection prior to offerring a final quote for insurance. We recommend allowing, at least, 30 days for Amerisafe to underwrite and bind a policy. Employer should also expect to meet with a company loss control specialist prior to binding a policy.

Amerisafe target classes for workers comp:

Construction Services Including:

Roofing Framing
Steel Erection Logging
Carpentry Landscaping
Residential Construction Commercial Contractors
Concrete Work Excavators

Transportation and Trucking:

Long Haul Trucking Short Haul Trucking
Dirt Haulers Forest Product Transport
Sand and Gravel Hauling Ready Mix Operations
Towing Dump Trucks

Wood Products:

Logging Saw Mills
Planer Mills Pallet Mills
Molding and Veneer Mfg Furniture Manufacturing
Chip Mills Cabinet Construction
Box and Shook Custom Woodworking

Other Industries:

Concrete and Asphalt Plants Quarries, Crushing, and Mining
Farming and Crop Maintentance Livestock Feedlots/Transportation
Meat Processing Bridge Construction
Manufacturing Tower Erection
Ship Building and Repair Freighhandlers
Marinas Oil and Gas Industry

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Our agency has been appointed with Amerisafe since 2008 and we're one of their top 5 agnecies in their regions. While Amerisafe does not offer quotes to every risk they underwrite, they often have the very best price on coverage for the employer they do quote. They also have one of the highest client retention rates in the country.

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Amerisafe Pay As You Go

Amerisafe now offers a very simple monthly self-reporting program through our agency. This program allows employers to track their actual wages by class codes each pay period and then make a single payment each month to Amerisafe. Pay As You Go administration can also be done through one of our approved payroll partners.

Amerisafe will now waive any deposits on annual renewal polices for our agency customers.

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