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Arkansas Workers Comp Forms

Find Arkansas workers compensation forms and coverage guides.

Here is a list of all the forms, applications, and manuals related to Workers' Compensation Insurance in the state of Arkansas. We strive to keep this up to date and accurate.

As with all information we provide please verify the accuracy of this information with the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission.

If you have any questions about where to find or how to fill out one of these forms, please feel free to call one of our Workers' Compensation Experts at 888-611-7467.

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AR Acord 130 Workers' Compensation Application.

The standard Acord 130 application form for workers comp coverage in Arkansas.

Arkansas First Report of Injury Form

AR First Report of Injury Form. Employers should complete this form and send to their insurance company each time an injury occurs.

Employee's Notice of Injury and Stockholders

This notice should be filed by the employee to the employer. It also contains the Employer Notice to the Employee.

Arkansas Claim for Compensation

Complete this form to file a claim for workers' compensation for injuries.

Facts for Injured Workers In Arkansas

Information about workers compensation in Arkansas for workers and employers.

Application for Voluntary Drug-Free Workplace Program

Complete this application to meet compliance with the Voluntary Drug-Free Workplace Program.

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Arkansas Notice of Workers' Compensation Benefits


In the state of Arkansas, employers must tell their employees they carry workers’ compensation insurance by providing a written notice of coverage to new employees upon hire. Employers must also post a written notice at their place of business telling their employees that they carry workers’ compensation insurance. The notice must be in English, Spanish, and any other language that is common to the employees and must be posted at conspicuous locations at the employers’ place of business.

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State Resources for AR

Arkansas Insurance Department

1200 W. Third Street
Little Rock, AR 77201

Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

PO Box 950
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950

Workers compensation insurance is required by law for Arkansas employers.

Arkansas forms and applications such as owners inclusion or exclusion forms are sometimes updated by the state. Contact us if you need help or can't find the workers compensation form your need for Arkansas.

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