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Find the latest news and information about California workers compensation insurance.

California is currently the most expensive state in the country for employers workers compensation coverage. California rates have continued to rise over the past 10 years. Much of the increased costs are caused by the rising costs of medical coverage and state laws.

State law requires that all employers provide workers compensation coverage to any employee of the company. It is illegal for any employer to pay a medical bill directly to the provider. A claim form (DWC Form 1) must be filed with the insurance company for any injury requiring more than first aid care.

Failure to purchase workers comp coverage is a criminal offense in California. Employers may receive a fine of $10,000 or more and up to a year in a county jail.

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California Regulatory Authority

Workers Compensation Rating Bureau of California
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California State Fund and Assigned Risk Policies

Employers can choose to buy coverage from a private insurance carrier or they can choose to get coverage from SCIF (State Compensation Insurance Fund). The state does not require that coverage was declined by a private insurance company in order to submit for underwriting. While the California State Fund can be competitive with the private markets, businesses are advised to seek quotes from three or more insurance carriers in order to ensure fair market pricing.

State Fund Announces 2016 Decrease in Fund Rates (June 2016)

The California Department of insurance has approved the new rate filing proposed by the California State Fund. Effective September 1st, 2016, California policyholders will see an overall reduction in rates of 9.5%. This is good news for most policyholders since rates had been on the incline for several years prior.

Early 2016 Rates Continue to Escalate for California Employers

The most recent premium comparison indicate that California state moved from the third highest rates in the U.S. to the number one spot. Rates are estimated to be approximately 188% higher than the study median rates.

California Short Rate Cancellations (Effective January 2012)

Recent changes to California insurance codes now require that all insurance companies provide written disclosure of their short rate fee calculation to all CA employers. Many carriers are working to add these disclosure statements to their current quote systems. The disclosure should be provided in writing for workers compensation quotes involving:

• New Policies- prior to the acceptance of the quote.

• Renewal Policies- as part of the renewal quote and prior to the renewal effective date.

California Classification Codes

California administers its own workers compensation program aside from the NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance). While California utilizes many of the same 4-digit classification codes as NCCI, they have multiple state special and state exception codes to the standard NCCI Scopes Manual. Employers should be cautious when trying to attempt self-classification without an experienced agency such as Workers Compensation

State Fund Information in CA

California is a No Fault workers' comp system. The State Fund was created by the legislature in 1914 in order to guarantee insurance access for California employers. The State Fund is designed to be a non-profit public enterprise under state statute. The organization is self-supporting and generate revenue from insurance premiums and investment income. The Fund insures approximately 130,000 state businesses.

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We're always working with our insurance carriers to develop specialized programs for a broad range of industry class codes. Our Target Programs are designed to streamline the underwriting process and help ensure we offer the lowest rates available anywhere.

• Contractors

• Home Healthcare

• Janitorial Services

• Transportation

• Hospitality

• And More

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CA Posting Requirements

California employers are required to post the Notice to Employees poster in an obvious place at the worksite. This poster provides information to employees about your insurance company and where to go to seek medical treatment.

Failure to post the notice may result in a fine up to $7,000 per violation.

California Notice to Employees

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Many insurance companies offering coverage in California have segmented their rates by territory and zip codes to separate higher and lower risk exposures. Some areas have even been declined quotes based on their location. Whether your located in San Diego Los Angeles, or Fresno, We've got you covered.

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