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Many businesses think all carriers have similar rates for Workers' Compensation Insurance and neglect to shop around for the best rates. At Workers Compensation, we partner with more than 20 insurance providers who offer Workers Comp in the State of Indiana. We have customers in cities across the state including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Evansville.

One program we offer to help with your Workers Compensation Coverage is Pay As You Go workers comp coverage. Pay as You Go is a great option for many business to free up cash-flow. For businesses who have a difficult time anticipating payroll throughout the entire year, this option gives you the flexibility to pay your workers comp based on your payroll each month. This prevents your business from both under and over-paying.

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In most states, We generally target businesses where we have the best opportunity to provide the most savings. Often times, we've worked out special considerations for underwriting and/or pricing with some of our insurance partners. More policy discounts and credits may be applied.

Target Programs for IN Workers Compensation

Don't see your business or industry? Don't worry, we've still got you covered.

Indiana Workers Comp
Pay As You Go

Improve Cash Flow- Pay As You Go

Our Pay As You Go workers' compensation insurance plans make it more affordable to buy workers' compensation insurance with little to no money required to start coverage. These plans also help reduce the risk of having a big audit bill at the end of the year because the premium you pay is based on your actual, real-time payroll.

We offer Pay As You Go workers comp from dozens of top-rated insurance companies. We can manage the reporting process directly, set your business up to report and pay the carriers, or work with your payroll provider to collect and pay your premium each pay period or monthly.

Buying Workers Comp Insurance in Indiana

Who Needs Coverage in Indiana?

In Indiana Employers are required to purchase workers compensation coverage if they employers workers. Sole proprietors and Partners are automaticlly excluded. Corporate Officers and LLC Members are automatically included. All can change their election if they so choose.

Rates on workers' compensation insurance in the state of Indiana are the second cheapest rates in the country. Because of this many employers do not shop their policy and it costs their business hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We have many industry specific programs as well as flexible payment options to allow Indiana business owners to save even more. Don't pay too much for your coverage. Start a quote online. Our agents usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Affordable workmans comp for business owners.


We've got you covered. We write workers' compensation insurance for lots of business types not listed above. Chances are we have the right products and carriers to hep you buy affordable coverage.
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Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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