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Find the latest news and information about Michigan workers compensation insurance.

Michigan workers' compensation is a no fault system. State law help prevent employers from being sued by employers and limits the benefits to injured workers. This insurance replaces wages for injured employees and covers the cost of medical care and rehabilitation wo injured employees.

Most employers are required by law to purchase coverage. Private employers who have 3 or more employees at any time are required to buy a policy. Employers with one or more employees that work 35 or more hours per week for 13 weeks or more are also required to buy coverage.

Employers who do not have coverage could be liable to pay expenses for injured employees even if they are not required to purchase coverage.

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Workers Compensation Regulation

Michigan is a non-NCCI state. State regulations are governed by:

Compensation Advisory Board of Michigan (CAOM)
17197 N Laurel Park Drive, Suite 311
Livonia, MI 48152

Michigan Experience Modifiers

Employers who have had coverage for two years may be assigned an Experience Mod once they have been in business and have had coverage for two years. An experience modification factor is a comparison between your actual losses and the average expected losses of employers using the same class codes. Michigan experience modification factors are promulgated by CAOM.

Who Needs Workers Comp in Michigan?
  1. All private employers that regularly employ 1 or more employee 35 hours or more per week for 13 weeks or longer during the preceding 52 weeks.
  2. All private businesses that regularly employ 3 or more part-time or full-time employees
  3. All public employers
  4. Agricultural employers if they employ 3 or more employees 35 hours or more per week for over 13 weeks a year.
  5. Household and domestic employees that employ anyone more than 35 hours per week for 13 weeks or longer during the preceding 52 weeks.
Michigan Employer Exclusion Forms

Employers that are permitted to exclude themselves from coverage must file Form BWC 337 with the Bureau of Workers' Disability Compensation. Exclusion only applies to employers who only employ people that can be excluded under the state Act. This is the only way an employer can comply with the insurance laws of Michigan without purchasing a workers comp policy. Once filed, the excluded employees are not allowed to receive workers compensation benefits.

General Contractors and Certificates of Insurance

General contractors can require Certificates of Insurance from all sub-contractors performing work on a job. They are not required to accept a state exclusion form. General contractors may be held responsible for work-related claims when sub-contractors do not have coverage or the proper exclusion form on file with the Bureau. They also have the right to sue an uninsured subcontractor for reimbursement of all compensation paid to the subcontractor.

To request more information on exclusion forms contact one of our Michigan Specialists at 888-611-7467, or call the Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency at 517-322-1195.

Michigan Non-Compliance Penalties

Employers who fail to purchase workers comp coverage in Michigan may be sued for civil damages by an injured employee. The Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency is responsible for enforcing the states' Workers Disability Compensation Act, and has the authority to order companies to cease employing individuals until coverage is obtained. Additionally, employers may be subject to a $1,000.00 fine for each day they are uninsured. They are also subject to no less than 30 days in jail up to 6 months.

What If An Employer or Carrier Goes Bankrupt?

In the event of bankruptcies, either the Self-Insurers' Security Fund or the Guarantee Fund will assume responsibility for making payments to injured workers in Michigan.

Return to Work Offers in Michigan

Employers are permitted to require injured workers to return to work doing a reasonable job that can be performed by the employee. The employee must accept the job or be subject to the loss of benefits. If the job pays less than what the employee was making prior to the claim, the employee will receive benefits from the insurance company based on the difference in wage. Employers are not required to offer a job to injured workers.

Medical Control for Workers Comp

Michigan law allows the employer to initially choose the doctor for medical treatment of injured workers. After the first 10 days of treatment the employee is allowed to choose another doctor of their choice. Employees must notify the employer and insurance company of the change.

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We're always working with our insurance carriers to develop specialized programs for a broad range of industry class codes. Our Target Programs are designed to streamline the underwriting process and help ensure we offer the lowest rates available anywhere.

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• And More

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Michigan Work Comp Information

Coverage Facts

Workers comp coverage is required.

Private carriers are allowed.

Self-insurance is permitted.

Assigned coverage is written through Michigan Workers' Compensation Placement Facility.

State Fund coverage is available.

Individual waivers are allowed.

Small deductible plans are permitted.

Extraterritorial Provisions are in effect but the duration is not specific.

There is no state reciprocity.

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