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Ohio is one of four remaining Monopolistic states in the country. The state has never allowed private insurance companies to compete on rating in the Ohio as the state fund has always been the sole source for work comp coverage. Ohio has also managed to keep state rates competitive with other states in the U.S.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation was established as the state fund for Ohio in 1912. It is the largest exclusive state fund in the U.S. with just under $20 billion in assets and 300,000 employers.  The Ohio Workers' Compensation Oversight Commission is responsible for monitoring the BWC's policies, rules and investments.

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About Workers Compensation in Ohio

Certificate of Premium Payment

Ohio state laws requires that employers post a Certificate of Premium Payment each year in a highly visible location within the workplace. The certificate lets employees know you have an active workers' compensation insurance policy.

MCO Selection Guide

All Ohio employers are required to choose an MCO (Medical Care Organization) within 30 days of initiating workers comp coverage. The MCO will help manage all medical claims for injured workers.

Free Safety Consultation

The Ohio BWC offers all business owners free consultation with safety and health professionals as requested by a policyholder. They will also create a customized safety management program for your business. Visit BWC Ohio for more information.

Grow Ohio Work Comp Discount

Ohio offers this incentive program to help new business owners save money on workers' comp coverage. There are two available choices in the program: 1) a 25% discount on work comp premium, and 2) an opportunity to join a group-experience-rating-program effective with the first date of coverage (employer receives the groups discount up to 50%). The program does have annual eligibility requirements.

Work Comp Claim Disputes

Either an employer or an injured employee has the right to dispute any BWC claim decision if they disagree with the outcome. The employer or the employee can file an appeal with the Ohio Industrial Commission as it serves as the adjudicative branch for the Ohio workers' compensation system.

Workers Compensation Reporting in Ohio

All private employers pay insurance premiums for workers comp based on the rating year from July 1st through June 30th. The BWC offers several payment options including monthly installments. Premium payments are based on the annual projected payroll listed on the workers' compensation application. Each July, Ohio employers are required to provide there actual payroll records and determine the difference between estimated payroll by class code(s) and actual payroll. This process is also known as an annual audit. Employers typically receive a credit if payroll was over-estimated, or owe additional premium if the payroll was under-estimated.

Ohio Coverage Requirements

Any business in Ohio that controls the working hours, materials selection process, traveling routes, or does a performance review is considered to be an employer for the purpose of workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance must also be provided to a) corporate officers, b) domestic household employees, and c) employees temporarily working out of state. BWC can't provide coverage for any employee who works exclusively outside of Ohio.


We highly recommend that business owners, contractors, and residents verify that any hired sub-contractor has their own active workers compensation coverage in force prior to allowing them to perform any work. Uninsured sub-contractors coverage or claims often fall to the hiring party when no coverage is in place for the sub-contractor

Alternative Work Comp in Ohio

Ohio allows several alternative options to the standard First Dollar coverage. Alternative programs include:

  • Deductible programs
  • Individual retrospective rating
  • Group retrospective rating
  • Group experience rating
  • Self insurance
  • Ohio BWC Moves to Reduce Opioid Prescriptions in Work Comp

    The Columbus Dispatch reported in April 2016 that The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has proposed new guidelines for how doctors treat patients for pain. The guidelines will limit the amount of money BWC will pay towards opioids and limit treatment for up to 18 months. If passed, the guidelines should become affective sometime in October 2016.

    More Programs and Options

    We're always working with our insurance carriers to develop specialized programs for a broad range of industry class codes. Our Target Programs are designed to streamline the underwriting process and help ensure we offer the lowest rates available anywhere.

    • Contractors
    • Home Healthcare
    • Janitorial Services
    • Transportation
    • Hospitality
    • And More
    Ohio Work Comp Information

    Employer's Liability Insurance

    In most states, employer's liability coverage is included with a standard workers comp policy. However, employer's liability coverage is not included with workers' compensation from the Ohio Bureau. Ohio employers will need to purchase employers liability coverage separately. This coverage can often be included as part of an Ohio general liability policy.

    Employers' liability insurance is also known as Stop Gap because it protects the employer from employee related lawsuits that are outside of the scope of workers comp coverage. It exists to protect employers against claims that do not fall under workers compensation statutes in Ohio.

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