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Rhode Island Workers Compensation Forms

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Workers Compensation Shop.com welcomes employers and employees to our Rhode Island Work Comp Forms Library.  All of our RI forms, guides, and applications are 100% free for your download and use.

We keep our forms library up-to-date with the most current workers comp forms and guides available for Rhode Island.

One of our licensed Specialists would appreciate the opportunity to answer questions about your workers compensation coverage or to help you get started on a Rhode Island workers comp quote today.  Call us at 888.611.7467 or start an online quote by clicking the state of Rhode Island.

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RI Workers Comp Information

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 RI Comp Forms


Rhode Island Workers Compensation Forms

Rhode Island Acord 130 Workers Compensation Application

The standard Acord 130 application form for workers comp coverage in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island First Report of Injury Form

First Report of Injury Form.  Employers should complete this form and send to their insurance company each time an injury occurs.

Rhode Island Application for Exclusion of Officers and Stockholders

Owners and Officers of corporations should complete this form to exclude themselves from a workers' compensation policy.

Rhode Island Application for Inclusion of Officers

Officers of corporations should complete this form to include themselves from a workers' compensation policy.

Rhode Island Application for Exemption for Workers' Compensation Insurance

Complete this form if you are a sole-proprietor, partnership with no employees or an sole officer of a corporation and would like to be exempt from coverage.

Notice of RI Independent Contractor

Complete this form if you are an independent contractor and wish to be exempt from workers' compensation benefits.

Facts for Injured Workers In Rhode Island

This poster contains important insurance information and should be posted in full view for employees.

Rhode Island State Resources

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation

1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
(401) 462-9500

State of Rhode Island


RI Workers’ Compensation Court


One Dorrance Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 458-5000

Rhode Island Medical Advisory Board


One Dorrance Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 458-3460

RI Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council

194 Smith Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02908
(401) 751-7100

RI Department of Labor and Training

1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920-4407
(401) 462-8000

RI Workers’ Compensation Division

1511 Pontiac Avenue, Building 69, Second Floor
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920-0942
(401) 462-8100


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RI Workers Comp Penalties

The Rhode Island Department of labor is responsible for workers compensation compliance in the state.  They can impose civil penalties for each day of non-compliance and may impose criminal penalties resulting in fines and imprisonment for employer who fail to purchase workers compensation in Rhode Island.


RI Department of labor

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