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What Our Workers' Comp Customers Are Saying?

At Workers Compensation Shop, we take great pride in being experts at workers compensation insurance. We appreciate the employers that trust us to manage their workers compensation insurance and truly believe our customers deserve the very best we have to offer. Our licensed agents and customer support staff are always available to make sure your coverage process is simple and convenient for you.

We've already helped over 35,000 business owners find their very best deal on workers' comp coverage. And Many of our customers were nice enough to send us a note.

See some of our customer reviews below:

Threat Defense, LLC

Our business takes us into more than 15 states and we didn't understand that most regional carriers could only cover a few states. We had several different policies for various states before we found Workers Compensation They took the time to educate us about national and regional polices and then showed us a better option for coverage. Now we have one policy that covers all of our employees. Everything is a lot simpler and we save money on our policy because of our premium volume discounts. These guys are great

Truman's Bar and Grill

We've been working with Workers Compensation since 2005. They process our payroll each week and manage our workers compensation with their Pay As You Go program. I have never had an audit bill or a problem with insurance since we started working with the agency I recommend them all of the time.

Nancy Fields- Attorney at Law

As a small office in Florida with only a few employees, we were looking for a straight-forward policy at an affordable price. I received 6 quotes from your agency in less than 24 hours and had a policy the day after I called. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great customer service from everyone in your company.

Complete Home Remodeling, Inc.

Alex was remarkable to work with. He explained why I needed certain class codes for my business and then told me how I could exclude myself from coverage in order to save money. I've been in business 13 years and finally feel like I understand how work comp insurance works.

Integrity Insurance Professionals, LLC

I wanted to thank you for helping our agency place more workers compensation coverage for our clients. As a smaller agency, we don't always have the markets to compete with some of our larger competitors. Since we've started quoting coverage through your wholesale division, we've written wore policies in 6 months than we did in last year

America's Flooring Contractors

We recently picked up a state contract that required us to purchase workmans comp insurance and I needed coverage fast in order to start working. My other agent told me it would take weeks to get a quote and he said I might need a state fund policy because of what we do. I found your company online and decided to see if we could get a quote. Wow! We got several quotes and bought coverage for half the cost of my local agent.

Little Tykes Daycare

Justin was on top of his game and found me the best rates I've seen in years. I saved a good deal over my renewal offer and I'm so glad I mage the call.

Great Escapes Living, LLC

We finally got some answers. We expanded into a few states last year and had three separate polices in place because our agent wasn't licensed in the other states, or she didn't have a carrier that did business there. We're glad we found you guys and happy to have one policy for the entire business again.

Sorrell's Automotive Salvage, Inc.

I really hate insurance and I think it cost way to much. Just wanted to say thanks for finding me coverage and answering the hundreds of questions I had.

Move-It Plumbing, Inc.

I got a quote from you guys online because another friend in the mowing business said he saved a ton of money with you. Well, I saved a good deal of money for sure and wanted to let you know my wife is happy about that.

We Appreciate Your Workers' Comp Business

Ready to Get Started?

Customer Service Survey- January, 2014

We recently completed a survey of customers and prospects who tried us while looking for workers compensation coverage. Here a is brief review of those results:

Survey Question Work Comp Other Agencies
Would you recommend your agency to another business 92% 79%
Are you satisfied with your agency's services? 95% 52%

Best Reasons to Choose Workers Compensation

Based on our survey, here is why more employers chose us over our competition:

  • Best Work Comp Rates
  • Great Industry Knowledge
  • Fast and Convenient Quotes
  • Communication and Trust
  • Referral by a Friend or Employer


Our agency surveyed over 1,000 Workers Compensation customers and prospects about their experience with our agency versus other agencies they have worked with.

Why do my workers compensation rates keep increasing.
Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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