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West Virginia Workers Compensation Rates

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West Virginia currently ranks as 35 out of all 50 states for average workers compensation rates.  Although overall rates have increased since 2008, West Virginia rates are still approximately 10% less than the national average.

With more carriers entering the WV market each year, competition should help drive rates even lower.  Workers Compensation Shop currently has over a dozen insurance partners writing coverage in the state.  We have a great deal of success quoting restaurants, contractors and construction risks, IT and Computer Services, auto repair shops, and more.

For a no obligation workers compensation quote in West Virginia contact on of our Specialist by phone or online.

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 WV Comp Rates


West Virginia Rates for Select Workers Comp Class Codes

Class Code

Low Rate Fund Rate

0042 Landscaping

$3.56 $6.17

3632 Machine Shop

$2.74 $4.75

3821 Salvage Yard

$5.05 $8.75

5022 Masonry

$5.08 $8.80

5183 Plumbing

$3.02 $5.23

5190 Electrical

$3.04 $5.27

5221 Concrete Construction

$3.03 $5.25

5437 Carpentry/Trim

$4.77 $8.27

5474 Painting

$5.04 $8.73

5478 Flooring

$3.44 $5.96

5645 Carpentry NOC Residential Construction

$10.33 $17.90

7228 Short Haul Trucking

$4.94 $8.56

8006 Gas Station

$1.66 $2.88

8017 Retail Store

$1.22 $2.11

8380 Auto Shop

$2.19 $3.80

8742 Outside Sales

$0.36 $0.62

8810 Clerical

$0.21 $0.36

8832 Doctor's Office

$0.25 $0.43

8835 Home Health Care

$2.05 $3.55

9012 Building Operations by Owner

$1.00 $1.73

9014 Janitorial

$2.04 $3.54

9015 Building Ops by Contractor

$2.26 $3.92

9082 Restaurant

$1.15 $1.99

9083 Restaurant Fast Food

$1.11 $1.92

9102 Lawn Care

$2.31 $4.00

State Resources for West Virginia

Insurance Commissioner
State of West Virginia

 P.O. Box 50540
Charleston, WV 25305
(304) 558-3864

Workers’ Compensation Office of Judges

Post Office Box 2233
Charleston West Virginia 25328-2233
(304) 558-1686

Workers’ Compensation Board of Review

Post Office Box 2628
Charleston, West Virginia 25329-2628
(304) 558-5230

We offer some of the most competitive workers compensation insurance rates in West Virginia.  Call us today for a free quote or to learn more about our lowest rates on your workers compensation class codes.

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2013 WV Work Comp Changes

West Virginia is still not entirely a competitive market state.  All state agencies, boards, schools, commissions, and higher education are still required to continue comp coverage with BrickStreet Mutual Insurance.  As more premium becomes available, more carrier will open up in West Virginia.


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