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Save money with target workers compensation programs for Florida employers.

Florida is one of the few remaining no competition states in the country. This means that every insurance company offering quotes in FL is required to offer the same workers compensation rates and discounts as other carriers for all workers compensation class codes.

State mandated rates means employers only need to worry about finding an insurance company willing to offer coverage on the voluntary market with the most cash flow friendly payment options and avoid the Florida State Fund (JUA). Our Florida Worker’s Compensation Specialists help employer's access Pay As You Go workers comp programs and other flexible installment programs like 12 equal payments.

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Target Programs for FL Workers Compensation

Buying Workers Comp Insurance in Florida

Alabama Owner and Officer Exclusions

Alabama currently allows LLC owners, corporate officers, sole-proprietors, and partners to exclude themselves from workers compensation coverage. Owners may elect annually to be exempt from insurance coverage by filing a written certification of their election with the department and the insurance carrier providing coverage.

Why Shop Alabama Workers Comp?

Alabama's workers' compensation rates have been decreasing for the past few years. However, many insurance companies don't offer maximum discounts to employers who continue to renew coverage year-after-year. The reason is that insurance carriers are always interested in maximizing their own revenue. It's often helpful to shop you coverage when rates are decreasing to ensure your business is getting the very best price on coverage.

Most employers with four or more employees are required to carry coverage. Almost all contractors, except for those owner-only companies that qualify for an exemption, are required to buy coverage.

With over 25 appointments with workers compensation companies doing business in Florida, Workers Compensation Shop can write a vast array of risks and industries in the state. Employers appreciate the fact that we have a wide range of markets available and are able to quote most types of businesses.

We're confident we can help your business find affordable quotes. And since rates are not a concern in Florida, employers don't have to worry about price shopping with other agents. Florida is one of our top five states for total volume of written workers' compensation insurance. We've already helped thousands of FL employers find better coverage.

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Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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