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Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Forms

Texas Acord 130 Workers Compensation Application

The standard Acord 130 application form for workers comp coverage in Texas.

Texas First Report of Injury Form

First Report of Injury Form.  Employers should complete this form and send to their insurance company each time an injury occurs.

Texas Application for Exclusion of Officers and Stockholders

Owners and Officers of corporations should complete this form to exclude themselves from a work comp policy.

Accident Prevention Services Worksheet

Assessment form for Workers' Compensation Insurance for the state of Texas.

Workers' Compensation Claim Form

Complete this form to file a workers' compensation claim in the state of Texas.

Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage

Complete this form to notify the state of Texas of a change in coverage by the insurance carrier or you decide to terminate coverage.

Notice to New Employees

This is a notice to inform new employees of some of their basic workers' compensation rights.

Notice to Employees Concerning Workers' Compensation in Texas

This is a notice to inform employee that the employer does not carry workers' compensation insurance.

Required Workers' Compensation Coverage.

This is a notice to be posted to inform employee that workers' compensation insurance is required at the jobsite.

Links to Forms at the Texas Dept. of Insurance Website

Texas state repository of workers compensation employer forms and Notices.

State Resources for Texas

Texas Department Of Insurance

333 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701
TX Dept. of Insurance

Texas Division of Workers Compensation

7551 Metro Center Drive Ste 100
Austin, TX 78744-1645
TX Div of Workers Compensation

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

6210 East Highway 290
Austin, Texas 78723-1098
Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Workers compensation insurance is not required by law for Texas employers. However, non-subscribers may still be liable for paying benefits for injured workers.

We help Texas employers compare coverage and rates from the best insurance companies in the state. We also help them purchase coverage from Texas Mutual in the event no private insurance company is willing to quote coverage.

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