How does workers' comp work in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is a state agency that manages most facets of the states workforce. The Department consists of three separate offices including a) Office of Directors, b) Office of Workforce Programs, and c) Office of Standards and Compliance. The Division of Workers' Compensation is under the Office of Standards and Compliance.

The Wyoming Division of Workers' Compensation and Employer Services only handles workers compensation for the state. The Wyoming Department of Insurance manages licensing, laws, and rules for all other lines of commercial business insurance.

Our agency works with Wyoming business owners when they need workers compensation in another state, including multi-line insurance policies. We also write employers liability insurance and other lines of business coverage within Wyoming.

Workers' Comp Rules & Information for Wyoming

Wyoming Regulatory Authority for Work Comp

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services
Workers' Compensation Division
1510 East Pershing Blvd, South Door, 1st Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002
307-777-7441- Phone
888-996-9226- Fraud Hotline

Wyoming Employee Exclusions

Wyoming has a complicated list of state statutes that defines employees and non-employees with regard to workers' comp insurance. The following list indicates who is not considered an employee in Wyoming:

  • Sole proprietor or a partner of a business partnership
  • Member of a limited liability company unless coverage is elected pursuant to W.S. 27-14-108(k)
  • Officer of a corporation unless coverage is elected pursuant to W.S. 27-14-108(k)
  • Individual whose employment is determined to be casual labor
  • Individual engaged as an independent contractor
  • Volunteer unless covered pursuant to W.S. 27-14-108(e)
  • Spouse or dependent of an employer living in the employer's household
  • Professional athlete, except as provided in W.S. 27-14-108(q)
  • Employee of a private household
  • Private duty nurse engaged by a private party
  • Employee of the federal government
  • Adult or juvenile prisoner or probationer unless covered pursuant to W.S. 27-14-108(d)(ix)
  • Foster parent providing foster care services for the department of family services or for a certified child placement agency
  • Elected public official or an appointed member of any governmental board or commission, except for a duly elected or appointed sheriff or county coroner
  • Individual providing child day care or babysitting services, whose wages are subsidized or paid in whole or in part by the Wyoming department of family services. This exclusion from coverage does not exclude from coverage an individual providing child day care or babysitting services as an employee of any individual or entity other than the Wyoming department of family services
  • Owner and operator of a motor vehicle which is leased or contracted with driver to a for-hire (common or contract) carrier. The owner-operator shall not be an employee for purposes of this act if he performs the service pursuant to a contract which provides that the owner-operator shall not be treated as an employee for purposes of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act and income tax withholding at source
  • Wyoming Workers' Comp Questions

    The Department of Workforce Services does not provide an employer guide to workers compensation or very much relevant information about workers compensation insurance online. Employers are encouraged to contact the Department of Workforce Services if they have questions about their policy or coverage in the state. The help number is for DWS is 307-777-5467

    Workers' Compensation Premium Discounts

    Wyoming Department of Workforce Services offers several different workers compensation discount programs to employers who are registered and in good standing with the state. Discounts are generally applied to an employers' base rates on their policy. Programs include:

  • Drug Free Workplace Discount (5%)
  • Safety Discount (3%-10%)
  • Deductible Programs (4%-50%)
  • Workplace Safety Contracts
  • DWS and OSHA Consultation Discounts
  • Learn more about WY Workers' Compensation Discount Programs.

    State Insurance Directives Regarding Covid-19

    The state of Wyomin has not issues any directive to insurance companies.

    Discretionary order in effect from 03/13/2020 - further notice.

    State Orders Regarding Insurance Claims Related to Coronavirus

    No current state orders.

    Specialized Programs for Select Industries

    We work with our national insurance partners to develop targeted programs with easier underwriting requirements and lower rates. We offer a broad range of business class codes that help streamline the quote process so you get the lowest price for coverage.

    Knowing the Wyoming workers comp requirements can help lower the cost of coverage.

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    Wyoming Work Comp Information

    Wyoming Joint Business Registration

    Wyoming requires all businesses to register and establish state required workers' compensation and unemployment insurance accounts.

    Registration will help business owners determine whether or not they must get workers compensation and pay unemployment taxes for any employees in the state. Employers who are coming to do work in Wyoming must also complete an Out-of-State Questionnaire to determine if state fund workers compensation is required.

    Online Business Registration

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    Workers' Comp Includes Employers Liability Insurance?

    Employers liability insurance is an additional layer of coverage included as part of a workers' compensation insurance policy. Employers Liability is known as Part 2 of the policy. It adds two additional coverages for employers:

    Employers Legal Liability and Legal Defense Costs

    In today's world, there are a variety of reasons employees and third-parties sue employers for damages. Here a some common types covered by employers liability insurance:

    Third Party Lawsuits

    Your employee sues another party that may have contributed to the injury, In turn, the third party sues your business.

    Consequential Bodily Injury

    Another party or individual is injured while providing care for the injured employee.

    Dual Capacity Legal Action

    An employee files a claim but also attempts to sue the employer for being responsible in other ways outside of the employment relationship.

    Loss of Consortium

    A spouse sues for damages caused by the loss of companionship or relations.

    Employers Liability coverage is not included with coverage in the four monopolistic states. Employers in these states can endorse this coverage onto their General Liability policy. That coverage is commonly known as Stop Gap Coverage.

    Workers' Comp Covers WY Employers from Injury Related Expenses & Lawsuits
    Employers liability insurance is included under a workers' comp policy in most states.
    • Employers liability coverage is not included in all monopolistic states.
    • All NCCI and most other states' coverage includes employers liability insurance.
    Visit NCCI for more resources and information about workers' compensation class codes. Visit United States Department of Labor for more information about government agencies managing workers compensation insurance rates.

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