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New Jersey is the 7th most expensive state for workers compensation coverage in the country.  Rates are 24% above the national average according to a 2010 study the Department of Consumer Business and Services.  NJ workers compensation rates are state mandated which means that all insurance companies must charge the same manual rates set by the State Workers Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. 

Our agency helps employers find coverage and quotes in New Jersey that offer better payment plans.  And our insurance companies make it easier to do business.

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New Jersey Work Comp Programs

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NJ Workers Comp Information

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 NJ Comp Rates


New Jersey Rates are State Mandated

Since New Jersey work comp rates are state mandated, employers won't be able to shop for coverage based simply on the manual rates per class code.  However, insurance companies do have the ability to apply their own credits to a policy within the range approved by the state.  Additionally, the application of experience modification credits and debits still apply to policies and employers may be able to save money by fully understanding when and how owners can exclude themselves from coverage in NJ.

All Employer with any employees must have workers compensation coverage in NJ and the state is likely to charge a penalty for the failure to maintain a policy.  Penalties may be as high as $5,000 for every 10 days an employer is without coverage.

New Jersey State Resources

NJ Department of Insurance

20 W. State Street
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New Jersey maintains its own non-NCCI rating bureau.  We provide alternate quotes and rates from private insurance companies doing business in New Jersey. 


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NJ Workers Comp Insurance

Work Comp provides medical treatment, lost wage replacement, and financial compensation for disabilities to employees that suffer a work-related injury, illness, or death.  Our goal is to find fast and affordable coverage for customers.


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