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Workers Compensation Exclusions

Most states allow owners and officer to include or exclude themselves from workers comp coverage depending on the entity status.

Workers Comp Owner Exclusions.

Election/Rejection of coverage under state law

Generally speaking, executive officers of a corporation are included under each state's work comp act unless they file for exclusion from the policy.  Partners and sole proprietors are generally exempt from coverage but may elect coverage under the policy.  Each state has different state laws.  Visit our Insurance States links for more info.

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Workers Comp Owner Exclusions

Generally speaking, executive officers of a corporation are included under a state’s workers compensation act unless they file for an exemption of coverage. Partners and sole proprietors are generally exempt from coverage under a state act, but may often elect to bring themselves under the act.

It is the responsibility of the employer and/or its representative to determine, prior to applying for coverage, the options available under a specific state’s act. Further, it should be noted that action taken either to elect or reject coverage under a state’s act does not eliminate the need for such action in additional states where the employer has exposure.

If a person elects or rejects the act, certain forms are usually required to be filed with and may even have to be approved by the appropriate state agency. If such an exemption or election is desired, the effective form or appropriate documentation must be forwarded to the insurance company via the agent upon application for coverage, or must be forwarded to the assigned carrier if such action is desired after policy issuance. Otherwise, the payrolls for the parties will be treated as if no election or rejection is made in accordance with state law, and premium will be charged.

Producers and employers can avoid additional premium charges by the assigned carrier by supplying these documents with the application for insurance. Without the forms, assigned carriers may charge premium even if the intent was to elect or reject.

No one is currently allowed to exclude him or herself from the provisions of federal compensation acts. The State Fund in each state provides coverage to those employers that are required by state law to obtain it. Federal coverage offered through the State Fund must be written in conjunction with the state act. Therefore, any person subject to federal law is required to obtain state act coverage in order to obtain federal coverage under the Plan or Fund.

We Help Protect Owners and Officers From Paying Too Much

Most insurance agents are not experts on workers compensation coverage and often don't know when an owner or officer can choose to exclude themselves from a policy.  At Workers Compensation, we think employers should know their rights and make their own determination as to whether or not the want to be included or excluded (Election of coverage or rejection of coverage) from their workers compensation coverage. 

Let one of our workman's compensation insurance Specialists help you determine if your state and legal business status allows for owner and officer inclusion and exclusion. 

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Call us today at (888) 611-7467 to learn how your state views owners and officers for workers compensation coverage.  And find out if you need to file an coverage election form or rejection form with your insurance company in order to avoid penalties or audit bills.

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